11 actors you forgot were in Supernatural Season 1


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Supernatural Season 1 is full of guest stars. Each episode has a new storyline and a new guest character.

Every episode of Supernatural brings in a new guest character to help the Winchester character development. There are a few actors and actresses that will stand out, including Loretta Devine and Amy Acker. Fans recognized them the minute they were on screen and won’t let anyone forget that they were in just one episode so long ago.

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Yet there are lots of actors you likely forgot about. This could be because they were younger, so unrecognizable compared today (that was the case for me in one of these episodes). Another reason is because they were only there for one scene and then killed off. Then there are the reasons that the actors weren’t as well known as the time or because makeup changed the way they looked.

Well, here’s a look at the 11 actors you likely forgot where in Supernatural Season 1 and what they’re up to now.

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Episode 1: Sarah Shahi and Derek Webster

The pilot episode introduced us to the Winchester brothers, but there were two actors who likely forgot about. One of those will be more than the other.

The vengeful spirit of the week was Constant Welch, a Woman in White. She was played by Sarah Shahi, who is now known for shows like Person of Interest (which Amy Acker was also in!) and Pitch. Personally, I didn’t realize at first that it was the same actress who played Renee in Chicago Fire! I spent the whole of Chicago Fire Season 1 feeling like I’d seen her somewhere and then realized on a rewatch of the Supernatural pilot!

As for Webster, he has been in numerous police and law enforcement dramas. He regularly plays a cop, FBI agent, or some other form of law enforcement. In the SPN pilot he played one of the rangers that arrests Dean Winchester at the motel.

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Episode 2: Cory Monteith and Gina Holden

If you were a Glee fan, you may be excited to hear that the late Cory Monteith appeared in an episode of Supernatural. It wasn’t for too long. In fact, his character is killed by the wendigo in the first minutes. But he’s a forgotten guest star in the series.

It’s easy to see why he’s forgotten about, since he’s in it so little. But you may have forgotten about one of the main guest stars of the episode; Gina Holden! She plays Haley in the episode, who goes to the woods to find her brother Tommy. Did you know she was also in the final Saw movie? It took me a few minutes to realize they were the same person when looking at some of the Saw VII clips.

There is an actor that you will understandably forget about. Alden Ehrenreich, who played Haley’s brother Ben, is often overlooked since Supernatural was his first gig. Well, he’s down as playing Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movie. Yes, really!

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Episode 5: Marnette Patterson

We’ve skipped a couple of episodes, since the guest stars are actually those that you’ll likely remember. “Bloody Mary” is the next one with a guest star I forgot about until rewatching the episode a few years ago. I only really noticed her since I’d recently seen Charmed Season 8.

Marnette Patterson played the character Charlie, who was the one the Winchesters were able to save. She is best known to Charmed fans as Christy, but has had small roles in numerous shows since her appearance in SPN. These shows include House, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and The Mentalist.

Due to her lack of main role in a major movie or a TV show, it’s easy to overlook that she guest starred in an episode with the Winchesters. However, there’s no denying that she played a crucial role in the episode to help the Winchesters take down the spirit of Mary.

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Episode 7: Dan Butler and Sean Millington

“Hook Man” helped to bring one of the biggest well-known urban legends to life. Because of that, it’s easy to forget that Dan Butler was in the episode.

While many actors got their first start or an early start with Supernatural, there were other guest stars who had already developed careers. Butler was one of them. He’d already been known for the likes of Silence of the Lambs and Frasier.

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It’s been a long time since watching the episode, so I initially forgot about him. It was only when rewatching recently that I thought about him more, and that’s mainly because I’ve been watching The Mist.

Sean Millington was also in the episode, but most people will have definitely overlooked his part. He was the Hook Man after all. He’s another actor that tends to have small roles on a lot of shows, including the likes of Smallville, The 100, and iZombie.

Episode 10: Nicholas D’Agosto and Brooke Nevin

You likely roughly remember the two teenagers in “Asylum;” the weak, scared guy who decides to take his girlfriend to the haunted asylum for their date. But you likely didn’t give the guest stars much thought at the time.

If you do remember the actors, Nicholas D’Agosto will be the one that stands out. He certainly did for me, as an early Heroes fan. He has since moved into comedy and is currently on NBC’s Trial & Error as Josh Segal.

Brooke Nevin is the other guest star in the episode, the kickass girl who knows how to handle a gun and is willing to take on the spirits. While she’d been acting for almost a decade before being on SPN, she had relatively small roles. It’s been since the episode she’s gone onto longer arcs in hit shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Scorpion, and Chicago Fire.

Episode 14: Beth Broderick

Yes, I’ve skipped over “Faith,” since most people will remember that Julie Benz was in an episode. Episode 14 had memorable actress that is often overlooked: Beth Broderick. You may have watched the episode feeling like you recognized her, especially if you were a late teen/in your early 20s at the time of watching the show in 2005. If you’ve only just started watching the series recently, you may have even glanced over her appearance, unless you’ve watched one of the shows that she’s been in. After all, chances are you haven’t seen Sabrina.

Broderick is better known for her role as Aunt Zelda in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, although she did have a successful career before that. Since 2005, she’s had guest roles in a number of major TV shows, including LOST, Under the Dome, and CSI.

Episode 19: Jodelle Ferland

This is a guest star that I didn’t realize was in Supernatural until I started watching Dark Matter. For weeks I’d watch episodes knowing that I’d seen Jodelle Ferland (who plays Five) somewhere before and I just couldn’t place it. Looking through her IMDb profile, I found she’d been in an episode of Supernatural.

If you’ve done the same thing and still couldn’t work out who it was, it’s understandable! She’s grown up since this episode 11 years ago! Ferland was the little sadistic serial killer in the painting, Melanie Merchant. I couldn’t believe it until I actually watched the episode again just to confirm!

The actress is actually well known for her dark roles. She also played little Anna Patience Bruckner in Cabin in the Woods, returning as a zombie version of the character. Twilight fans will also know her as Bree Tanner from Eclipse and Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

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Did you remember these guest stars in Supernatural Season 1? How many have you had to do a double check on just to make sure? Share in the comments below.

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