Supernatural Season 1 Pilot recap: Meet the Winchester brothers


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The first episode of Supernatural introduced us to the Winchester brothers, as well as the SPN universe.

I have seen every single episode of Supernatural at least twice. Some of the episodes I’ve seen many more times, especially when it comes to the earlier episodes. Because of this, I’ve focused a lot on the moments missed in the episode, but not on actual recaps.

For those just getting into the show (where have you been the last 12 years?) or those just wanting a refresher, I thought why not create recaps for the older episodes?

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The pilot episode, conveniently named Pilot, introduced us to the whole Supernatural universe. We also got to meet the Winchester brothers and learned more about them through their eyes.

We start 22 years earlier

The first scene is set 22 years before the show. Mary and John Winchester are putting their son Sammy to sleep, and giving 4-year-old Dean a chance to say goodnight. Of course, all hell breaks loose. When mary wakes in the middle of the night, she sees a man who looks like her husband in the nursery, but John Winchester is downstairs asleep. Who is the man?

Well, we don’t get to find out. The next thing we hear is Mary scream and John wakes and rushes to her. He’s into the nursery too late. She’s on the ceiling with her abdomen cut open and is then set on fire. John has to give baby Sam to Dean and tells the elder brother to get outside. John wants to get Mary. When that isn’t possible, John escapes the fire and is left wondering what’s to come next.

Present day: Meet the Winchesters

We’re first introduced to 22-year-old Sam Winchester. Well, actually we’re introduced to his girlfriend Jess, who is getting ready for a Halloween party. Sam doesn’t like Halloween, but is going to the party anyway. He needs to celebrate his 174 on his LSATs.

After the Halloween party, the two go to sleep and we’re finally introduced to big brother Dean. Well, that’s what we know now. At first it looks like there’s an intruder in the house. Sam’s Spidey senses kick in and he tackles the intruder who is “just looking for a beer.”

The commotion wakes Jess, which gives Dean a chance to flirt before telling Sam that “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days.” It’s serious and Dean wants Sam to join him in search for their dad. Sam doesn’t want to but goes anyway, as long as he’s back on Monday in time for an interview for law school.

Supernatural’s first urban legend: The Woman in White

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While this happens, the first lore of the show is introduced. A teenage boy is driving home on a dark road, when he spots a woman dressed in white. He decides to give her a lift home, but is later killed. His car is found but his body missing.

The Winchesters learn that he wasn’t the first victim. There have been countless men over the years who had disappeared with only their cars found. It turns out that John Winchester had been on the case first and left his research behind. The brothers find out that they’re dealing with a Woman in White and now they need to learn who she is and where she’s buried to salt and burn her bones.

They run into trouble when Dean is arrested for impersonating a federal officer. While in questioning, he’s given John Winchester’s journal, which has “Dean” and a set of co-ordinates circled. This is a clue for Dean for John’s potential location, but he has to get rid of the spirit first.

Sammy is left to ask questions on his own, where he learns that the woman in white is Constance Welch, whose husband had had an affair. Her children were drowned and she killed herself, becoming this vengeful spirit. After making a fake 911 phone call, Sam helps to get Dean out but on the way to pick him up he’s stopped by Constance’s spirit.

After being forced to take her home, Sam literally does that. He drives the ghost into the house and makes her face the spirits of her dead children. With the spirits taken care of, the Winchesters can return to Palo Alta.

Sam Winchester learns he has more in common with his dad than he wants

When Sam gets home, Dean initially tries to get him to stay. However, Sam is adamant that he’s living this normal life. When he returns to his apartment, things look normal until blood drips on his face.

Jess is on the ceiling in the exact same way as Mary Winchester at the start of the episode. As she sets on fire, Dean pulls his brother out of the apartment. Sam decides now that his fiancé and his mom were killed in the same way, he needs to find his dad and get the demon that has done it.

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The stage is set for Supernatural Season 1.

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