Why is Dean’s necklace so important in Supernatural?


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Skin makes a point of showing Dean’s necklace is more than just an accessory. What is the importance of it in the Supernatural universe?

In Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6, Dean makes a point of grabbing his necklace off the shifter and putting it back around his neck. Up until this point it was just an accessory that he wore daily. This was the point where fans learned that it was a bigger deal.

It wouldn’t be until Season 3 that we would learn more. And then Season 5 when there was more information about the necklace. In the end, we learn that it’s a way to find God, but that’s not the main significance of it for Dean. In fact, the Season 3 episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas” tells us everything we need to know.

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The necklace reminded Dean of his brother

In “A Very Supernatural Christmas” we learn that the Winchester brothers go Christmas after Christmas without seeing their dad. That doesn’t stop Sam wishing for John to be there and getting him a present. When Dean is the one to be by his side and be the one always there for him, Sam decides to give Dean the gift instead. It’s the cute, Viking/Egyptian/Mayan necklace that Dean wears every single episode up until he gives it to Castiel.

We learn that the necklace is more than an accessory. It’s Dean’s connection to his brother. No matter where his brother is in the world, that necklace reminds him of the love and bond the two have. It likely helped him immensely in the two years before the pilot episode when Sam didn’t talk to Dean at all.

There were no words in “Skin” when Dean grabbed the necklace, but we knew that it meant something deeply to him. In Season 2, just before Dean and Sam go to prison to tackle a spirit there, Dean isn’t wearing his necklace. It’s clear that he knows he would lose it if he didn’t take it off first, so decides to go on the case without it. He couldn’t even consider it being kept in lock-up.

Of course, Season 5 it had an even deeper meaning. When Dean throws it in the trash, it’s at a time when the brotherly bond is breaking. Sam sees the throwing away of the amulet as a sign that Dean is throwing away their bond or believing that Sam has thrown away the bond. In Season 10, the use of the Samulet (the prop amulet from “Fan Fiction”) indicates that the bond is back and Dean regrets throwing the amulet in the trash.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

The real story behind the necklace

If only the real story for the necklace was as touching. When creating the look of the character, Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke spoke about the idea of Dean picking up trickets and medallions along the way; things that would ward off ghosts, protect his soul, etc. The amulet was supposed to be one of those things and was included because Ackles liked the look of it.

The idea of Dean taking the amulet back in “Skin” now just has more meaning. However, it was likely just one of those things that at the time of filming Season 1, Dean thought it had some power and it was important to him because of that. The writers later crafted the storyline for the amulet to give it more meaning.

There were two types of the amulet: the real one and a rubberized on. The real one was heavy and made of bronze, which had chipped a few of Ackles’ teeth during stunts when he forgot to use the rubber one. It’s no surprise that he was glad to be able to get rid of the necklace after a while.

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