Supernatural Season 1, Episode 2 recap: The Winchesters fight a Wendigo


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There’s always something hiding in the woods. In Supernatural Season 1, Episode 2, it’s a creature called the Wendigo. Do you remember everything that happened?

It’s always good to rewatch episodes. You remember things you’d long forgotten, spot things you’d never noticed before (like guest stars!), and see some of the foreshadowing that you’d previously overlooked. You’re also reminded of your love for older episodes and see the younger Winchester brothers saving people, hunting things…you know the rest.

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“Wendigo” was the second episode of Supernatural, and continued the dark setting with Native American lore. In this episode, we learned all about the Creole Native American lore of the Wendigo and all the things that rustle in the woods. If you’ve forgotten the episode, here’s your Supernatural rewatch recap to be reminded.

The opening is a young man, Tommy, Skyping his sister and brother. He’s on a camping trip with his buddies and hangs up the call. Just then, he and his buddies are attacked by a creature, possibly never to be seen again.

We start with the Winchesters heading away from Palo Alto to the co-ordinates previously left by John Winchester in his journal for Dean. It’s been a week since Jess’ death, and Sam is struggling with nightmares. It will be a few episodes before we truly learn why he’s struggling so much. Dean is so worried about his brother that he offers Sam the chance to drive.

Sam instead throws himself into the map. He needs to know where his dad is, looking for revenge on the demon that has now taken his mother and his girlfriend. Instead, he notes that they’re going to a forest. What has their dad gotten himself into?

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At the location, the Winchesters meet a ranger, who assumes they’re friends with “Haley.” It doesn’t take long for the Winchesters to learn that there’s a missing boy and they may have something that’s their thing. Well, Dean thinks that, especially when he decides Haley is worth flirting with. Disguising themselves as Park Rangers, they pay her a visit to find out the whole truth. There, Sam spots a moving shadow in a video that’s too quick for a bear. They’re dealing with something supernatural?

What is it? Well, they need to go to the forest to find out. They tag along on Haley and Ben’s search party, where the brothers are called out on their jeans and biker boots. Haley knows they’re not park rangers at all and demands to know the truth. Dean isn’t going to share it all, but he does ask that she trusts him as he believes his dad may be with her brother.

It’s enough, especially as the Winchesters realize that they may be dealing with a Wendigo. Their fears are confirmed when the scout that Haley hired is killed (after shooting at the Wendigo). When Haley and Dean are taken away, Dean leaves an M&M trail for Sam and Ben to follow. The Wendigo takes Dean and Haley to his cave, which is actually an old mine shaft. There they find Tommy, who is the only one of his buddies still alive.

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Sam and Ben find their siblings and help to get everyone out of the mine shaft, killing the Wendigo along the way. It’s a happy ending for the Winchesters and for Haley and Ben. The only thing now is for the Winchesters to find their dad. Dean realizes that John was never there, but had given co-ordinates to help save people and hunt things; continue the family business without him.

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Supernatural helped to delve deeper into its universe with this episode, while setting up some conflict between the brothers: Sam wants to find John and Dean wants to save people on the journey.

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW.