Supernatural Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Dean can’t find his way to a decent pickup line


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Dead in the Water opened Dean up more in Supernatural Season 1. Underneath the flirtatious, monster-hunting persona, he was a man with a big heart and a need to protect.

Supernatural’s third ever episode is one that I remember the most. It was my favorite of the first three episodes. In fact, it was my favorite of the first half of the season. While it did little to further the plot for the Winchesters finding John, it did help to further Dean’s personality. Plus it had Amy Acker, and I still remembered her fondly from Angel at the time.

What happened in Supernatural Season 1, “Dead in the Water?” Here’s your recap to remind yourself.

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The episode opens with Carlton family, as Sophie gets ready for her morning swim. What better way to use the lake right by your house? If only the lake was safe. Unknown to Sophie and her family, there’s a spirit waiting patiently to kill out of revenge for his death. Sophie is the first to die; killed in the lake, despite being a varsity swimmer.

When Dean finds the report about her death in the paper, he decides it’s something worth checking out. Sam wants to continue finding their dad, but Dean needs to save people along the way. Off they go, where they meet Andrea Barr, her son Lucas, and her dad Jake Devins. This family has a devastating story: Andrea’s husband was the first victim in the lake, and Lucas had been there at the time of his dad’s death. Now Lucas is mute, presumably from the trauma he faced.

After a spectacularly failed attempt at hitting on Andrea, Dean throws himself into figuring out what’s going on around the lake. When Will Carlton dies after being drowned in the sink, the brothers realize that there is something in the lake and Will and Sophie’s father, Bill, is involved. After all, Bill was Andrea’s husband’s godfather.

Meanwhile, Dean is trying to open Lucas up through sharing his own harrowing experience. Supernatural fans finally learn everything he remembers of the night of the fire, including seeing his mom die. Later, when the Winchesters pay Lucas another visit, Sam realizes that Dean holds more secrets than Sam has ever realized.

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During the visits, Lucas gives Dean drawings to help decipher the case. One of them is of Bill Carlton’s house, making it clear that he is somehow connected. The second is of a white church with a boy and a red bike. That drawing leads them to Peter Sweeny’s mother’s house. Her son went missing 35 years ago, along with his red bicycle. The Winchesters know that he didn’t just disappear, especially when they find a photo of Peter with Bill. Did he kill Peter and hide the body in the lake?

When the Winchesters go to speak to Bill, it’s too late. He’s already out on the lake and is swooped up by the vengeful spirit. After the Winchesters are forced out of town after Jake realizes they’re not wildlife officers after all, Dean decides to go back. He’s sure that the case isn’t over, and his gut is right. While he does this, Andrea is being attacked in her bath by Peter’s spirit. Dean and Sam return just in time to save Andrea and get to the bottom of the problem.

Bill wasn’t the only one involved in Peter’s death. Andrea’s dad Jake was too. Peter’s spirit is now targeting all the loved ones of Bill and Jake, which means Andrea and Lucas are in danger.

Lucas has more to share. He can lead the Winchesters to the buried red bicycle, just as Jake appears. Jake reveals that they accidentally drowned Peter and left his body in the lake. They had to bury the bicycle. Why is the spirit after them now after 35 years? The lake is about to be drained, so this is Peter’s last chance.

While the Winchesters learn the truth, Lucas goes to the lake and is pulled in by Peter’s spirit. The Winchesters dive in to look for him, but it’s no use. Peter has him. Jake does the only thing he can. He steps into the lake and offers himself as a sacrifice, hoping that it will bring an end to it all and save his daughter and grandson.

It works. As Peter takes Jake, he releases Lucas. Andrea is reunited with her son, but at the loss of her father.

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With the spirit now at rest after his final act of vengeance, Lucas finds himself able to talk again. Dean and Sam leave, feeling like their work is done for another week.

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