Supernatural Season 1, Episode 11 recap: The Winchesters separate


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Scarecrow is one of the creepiest episodes of Supernatural Season 1. Do you remember all the events of the episode?

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched “Scarecrow” from Supernatural Season 1. So long that I forgot just how creepy that scarecrow was. I also forgot just how different it felt to other episodes. It was the first time we saw Sam and Dean separated, the first time we met Meg, and the first time a Pagan God was introduced.

The episode picks up right from the events of the previous episode, “Asylum.” Here’s your Supernatural recap of the episode to remember everything.

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John sends the brothers on another hunt

When Dean’s cell phone rings the morning after the Roosevelt Asylum events, Sam answers it. John is calling with details of another hunt. Of course, he expresses sympathy for Sam’s loss of Jess first and reveals that he now knows that both Mary and Jess were killed by a demon. It’s the first time we finally learn of the type of monster the Winchesters are hunting.

Rather than invite his boys along, John decides they need to stop another creature. Sam is about to argue, but Dean wakes and takes the phone instead. As the dutiful soldier, Dean takes down the details and heads cross-country to Burkittsville, Indiana for the next hunt.

Learning about the case

It’s time to learn the details of the case. It’s a creature that attacks in the second week of April every year. There are plenty of missing person reports from this time of year, but nothing has ever been found and nobody has ever been charged.

But Sam has other ideas. He wants to head to Sacramento, where John’s call originated from. Dean isn’t willing to not obey orders, so the Winchester brothers split up for the first (but certainly not the last) time. Sam is left on the side of the road attempting to hitch a ride to the bus station, where he meets Meg Master.

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As for Dean, he heads to Burkittsville, where his EMF reader instantly starts going off near an orchard. He can’t help investigate and that’s wher he comes across the scarecrow for the first time. Interestingly enough the scarecrow has the same tattoo as the last guy that went missing. He knows this scarecrow has something to do with the missing people.

Dean’s spider senses go off when he sees a couple being treated like royalty, while their car is fixed by the local mechanic. Knowing they are going to be the next victims, Dean insists that they leave right away, but they choose to stay and the local sheriff kicks Dean out of town. Of course, Dean doesn’t completely leave. When the couple’s car breaks down that night at the orchard, Dean is there in time to shoot the scarecrow that has dropped down from his perch to claim his victims. The two innocent victims are able to get away.

Sam and Meg connect over similar stories

Once Sam gets to the bus station, he sees Meg again. They’re both heading to California and they start to bond over similar families. Meg is angry that her family want a certain thing for her, but she wants to live her own life. Sam can’t help but tell her all about his brother and how they both have different views on life.

While talking, Sam gets a call from Dean, who rattles off the events from the night. The two speculate together over what the creature could be and know that the people are likely human sacrifices. Dean speculates that the sacrifices are to a fertility God and hangs up after wishing Sam well in the hunt for Dad.

As Sam continues to chat to Meg, he grows uneasy about leaving Dean to deal with the hunt alone. Later when Dean doesn’t answer his phone, Sam decides it’s time to get back on the road and this time not to California. He needs to get to Burkittsville to help his brother.

Dean learns the truth

After figuring out the creature, Dean takes a trip to the local college to find out about local lore. It turns out the town settlement was originally Northern Europeans, who followed the Norse Gods. They brought the fertility gods, the Vanir, with them to make sure the land thrived. Dean realizes that the town continue to sacrifice a man and woman every year to continue the tradition and keep their lands thriving.

Before Dean can leave to burn down the oldest apple tree in the orchard, he’s hit on the head. The townspeople need their sacrifice, and Dean will be the male. A girl called Emily, a niece to a couple of the townspeople, will be the female.

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The good thing about this is Dean can learn more about the First Tree that was planted and about the first immigrants. He now knows which tree to burn down to stop the God.

When night falls, the two are taken to the orchard for the sacrifice. Sam arrives in time to free them but the scarecrow has already jumped down from his perch and the townspeople aren’t going to let their sacrifices leave this time. In an unexpected turn of events, the scarecrow takes Emily’s uncle and aunt as his sacrifice, and the next morning the Winchesters are able to burn down the First Tree.

Learning Meg’s true form

As the Winchesters drop Emily off at the bus station, so she can return to Boston, we see Meg again. She’s hitching another ride, but this time her driver isn’t just to help her get to destination B. She slits his throat and uses his blood to communicate with her “Father.” We finally learn that she knew all about the Winchesters and she isn’t someone to trust.

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