9 scariest creatures to appear on Supernatural


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Supernatural was always going to be full of creepy creatures, scary monsters, and things that go bump in the night. What have been the scariest?

Supernatural started as two brothers on a road trip in search of their father. Brought up as hunters, the two would know when deaths weren’t quite natural. Accidents don’t happen accidentally, as is said on at least one occasion. Vengeful spirits, creature from lore, demons, and even angels have appeared throughout the years.

Just what have been the scariest creatures to appear on the series? We have a list. Some aren’t individuals from episodes, but groups of creatures that have time and time again proven to be the deadliest and creepiest. They become the scariest because of the way they attack or the reasons they attack. Not all creatures attack for a reason and just like to have a little fun with their prey.

Let us know at the end if you agree with our list of scariest creatures to appear on Supernatural.

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#9. Vengeful spirits

There’s no doubt that vengeful spirits have been amongst the deadliest creatures ever to appear. There is very little that stops them and they can haunt for years and even decades before a hunter gets to them.

Vengeful spirits aren’t just ghosts. They’re ghosts with unfinished business and plenty of anger to help them materialize on earth and kill. Some just attack their original victims but the majority of them will attack anyone that resembles their original victims.

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The Woman in White was the first vengeful spirit (and first Supernatural creature) we came across. She would attack any man who was unfaithful. Little Peter in “Dead in the Water” killed anyone related or connected to the “friends” who accidentally killed him and then hid his body.

We even saw how vengeful spirits were created. When Dean was in the hospital bed in the Season 2 premiere, we learned how anger made it possible for him to affect things in the living world. In Season 8, we watched our beloved Bobby turn into a stranger because of the anger due to his unfinished business against Dick Roman. The sweetest and kindest people on Earth could become the most dangerous and scariest vengeful spirits.

#8. Sirens

While sirens had been mentioned multiple times before, they were only introduced in the later episodes of Supernatural. That hasn’t stopped them from being scary creatures.

The hairless creatures turn into anything their victims desire. This could be a past loved one, a current interest, or another flirtation of the heart. They have a high pitched scream that can make people deaf and have no intention other than to cause hurt and pain. The lack of motive or vengeful need actually makes them scary, since they will just kill for the sake of it.

Sirens also don’t actually kill their victims themselves. They fill their victims with oxytocin (a natural hormone) and then persuade their victims to do things. This can mean jumping out of windows! We definitely don’t want to face one of these creatures.

#7. Soul Eaters

Remember the soul eaters from Supernatural Season 11? We rejoiced at the idea of seeing Bobby and Rufus again in an episode, until we learned what they would face. Soul Eaters literally drag the human souls out of the living world and into their soul world. Their nests live within the fabric of space and time, so souls from centuries apart will see and survive with each other. This was how Bobby and Dean were able to see each other in the nest, despite being from different time periods.

What makes the Soul Eaters creepy isn’t just the way they attack. They look creepy. Their eyes are hollow pits and they wear robes a little like a cross between the Grim Reaper and monks.

Their only aim is to survive themselves and they’re willing to do anything for that. What makes that fact worse is that they will convince their victims that the nest is the safest place for them.

#6. The Djinn

The first episode I ever watched involved the Djinn, so maybe I have a soft spot for the creatures. But they are inherently scary. It’s the way they attack, feed, and choose their victims.

Djinn live in abandoned buildings. They don’t discriminate when it comes to victims. They’ll take those who will give them life or attack when they feel attacked. Killing isn’t for fun but a necessity for them to live, so they are extremely dangerous.

What makes Djinn scarier is the way they kill their victims. They put victims into a trance, transporting them to a wish world. In Dean’s case it was a world where his mother never died. At first it looked like it was a genuine wish, but then the fabric of reality would show through. Dean realized that his mind was in the wish, but his physical body was still in the abandoned building and dying.

It’s possible to live for decades in the wish world, while the body decays and dies within a few days or weeks. Nobody would ever know unless they had an idea that monsters existed.

Djinn adapted by Season 6. They were able to cause fear and pain on their victims. While they were dangerous, they weren’t as scary as the original Djinn introduced.

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#5. Shapeshifters

Some of the best episodes of Supernatural have involved shapeshifters. They take on the form of victims and are able to download the thoughts. This means they can walk around and live as their victims and that fact makes them extremely scary.

As Jared Padalecki pointed out recently, what makes “Skin” such a creepy episode is that Sam had no idea if he was talking to Dean or not. You can spend years with a person and one day they switch with this shapeshifter. It’s hard to tell if you’re talking to the person you think you are, making it extremely hard to trust when shifters are about.

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Also shapeshifters don’t necessarily have a goal in life. In “Skin,” the shifter just wanted to cause murder and mayhem, while in “Nightshifter” the goal was to rob banks. Some have wanted to attack those who have victimized them in the past, but others just kill for the sake of killing and that makes them extremely dangerous beings.

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#4. Angels and archangels

We can’t leave angels off the list, can we? They are certainly among the scariest of creatures ever introduced on Supernatural.

When you initially think of angels, you likely think of the little cherubs that sit in diapers on a cloud and play the harp. Well, Supernatural made it clear that we had to forget all about that view. Angels are soldiers in the coming apocalypse. Castiel made it clear that angels were powerful beings and nothing like the Winchesters had ever faced before.

Then there are archangels. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Lucifer made it very clear not to mess with them. They would smite people down for just looking at them the wrong way—or put them in TV shows just to mess with their heads.

While there are some angels that can be friendly, the majority of them are just mean-spirited. Sure, some of them have a job to do, but others attack for their own wants and gains. They can betray you at a moment’s notice and even betray each other.

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#3. Nephilim and cambions

We still don’t know which side Jack is on. Sure, he could be good but he could also become one of the biggest evils the Winchesters have ever faced. Dean is sure that Jack is going to be the latter, and after the ending to Season 13, Episode 3 we can’t really blame him for thinking that way.

But Jack isn’t the only nephilim we’ve seen. Jane was introduced in “Clip Show,” and we saw that she knew exactly what she was and the danger against her.

What makes nephilim so scary is the access to power they have. Because of their angelic grace, they have access to all the Enochian magic, but their human soul through their mother fuels that power and makes them stronger than angels. In fact, nephilim are so scary and dangerous that they’ve been outlawed in Heaven!

Jack has shown us some of the power already. He’s able to withstand angel blade attacks, which is something that no other creature has managed to do. Could he destroy the earth?

But we can’t forget the creatures that are the product of human and demon. Cambions are also referred to as the antichrist in Supernatural. They’re not the spawn of Lucifer and a human, but of any demon and human. The mixture of demonic power and human soul makes them some of the most dangerous and terrifying creatures on Earth.

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#2. Demons

We can’t miss one of the most commonly used creatures in Supernatural can we? Demons have been around since Season 1, but they didn’t become main focuses until later. However, they’ve always been scary and creepy. The first season demon in “Phantom Traveler” was one of the scariest demons the Winchesters had faced.

It was at one point almost impossible to get rid of a demon. In fact, John went off in search for a special Colt that would kill them rather than send them back to Hell, like exorcisms would. The exorcisms came in two parts, with the first making the creatures far more powerful than they were within the human host.

And then there’s the fact that demons don’t need to kill to survive. They just do it for the fun of it. They will terrorize their victims because it fills them with joy and laughter. That isn’t something you want to face.

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#1. The killer humans

Quite honestly, the scariest creatures the Winchesters have ever come across are the killer humans. After all, humans are supposed to have souls and do good things, but the Winchesters have noticed that the humans can be far more evil than any creature they’ve faced.

Just look at The Benders. They will kill for fun and games. Rather than hunt deer, they will hunt humans and create items out of their skin and teeth! Then there are the people of Burkittsville, Indiana. They’re willing to kill innocent people once a year as a sacrifice to their Pagan God!

If that wasn’t enough, Season 4 introduced us to Bill Gibson. Initially it looked like he had been attacked by a vengeful spirit, but it was soon clear that he had raped his daughter multiple times and she gave birth to his children. Those incestuous children were then locked up in the house, giving them the appearance of vengeful spirits.

What do you do when you have murderous, creepy humans? The Winchesters struggle, since they’re not supernatural beings that they can just kill. And in some cases they feel empathy and sympathy for the killer humans, because they’ve just become a product of their situation.

The British Men of Letters would fall into this category. They’re willing to kill humans and hunters because these people don’t go along with their views and opinions. Other Men of Letters are possibly the same, but we haven’t got to meet them all yet.

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Do you agree with this list? Which Supernatural creatures do you find the scariest? Share in the comments below.

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