NCIS recap: Delilah gives birth during a hostage situation


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NCIS deal with a hostage situation in a hospital, bringing up the past for Jack.

The NCIS Thanksgiving episode is always one to look forward to. Last year we met Bishop’s brothers and this year we get to meet McGee’s twins. But that’s not before learning a little more about Jack.

The Serbian arms dealer case

When MI5 Agent Nigel Ford is shot by Andre Yorka, a Serbian arms dealer, he is able to get a call to Jack. It turns out Jack and Ford had worked together on tracking Yorka in the past. Ford had come to town and was going to pick up the old case files from Jack. When the security footage in the parking lot proves that Yorka shot Ford, Gibbs is able to deduce that Yorka is also wounded.

There’s more to the relationship between Jack and Ford than just colleagues. They were friends and sometimes a little more.  Jack also knows a little about Yorka. He needs to feel like he’s in control of the situation.

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Yorka also left behind a dead henchman. The big question is how this henchman was paid for, since Romania had recently frozen all Yorka’s assets. Ducky and Palmer learn that the henchman’s hands have a scent of plastic explosives.

The case moves to the hospital

McGee is called away from the case unexpectedly. While having breakfast with Abby, Delilah’s water broke and they’re now in the hospital. McGee does get the VIP treatment when he sees Morgan Cade as the hospital security guard. He was a park police officer and recognized Abby (or “that Goth girl”) and gave her similar treatment.

There’s panic on the ward when McGee isn’t allowed to see his wife. Morgan tries to keep him calm and Deliliah is able to send him on a fool’s errand of finding grape juice, which leads McGee to Yorka. Yorka has come to the hospital for treatment on his wounds. Someone clearly didn’t go to villain school if he’s at the hospital with a gunshot wound!

Regardless, McGee convinces Morgan to keep an eye on Yorka, while he calls Gibbs. Morgan isn’t the best person for the job, as Yorka realizes he’s being watched and attempts to run. The poor security guard has to physically restrain Yorka, which just ends up with him receiving a gunshot wound to the stomach.

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When McGee pulls his own gun out, Yorka takes a hostage and McGee has no choice but to slide his gun over. As NCIS gets there, Jack is told to stay out of sight, while Gibbs and Bishop try to diffuse the situation and learn of the bomb’s location. The only way Yorka is talking is by getting his bullet removed and getting safe passage out of the United States. Bishop is sent to look for a doctor to treat Yorka, but because of the gunshot wounds there’s only one doctor left and he has to look after the critically ill patients.

Bishop tries to deal with Yorka

Jack tries to give Bishop some advice on handling Yorka. Bishop starts aggressively asking Yorka where the bomb is, which makes Gibbs angry. The truth is Gibbs has worked out that Bishop is onto something, so plays along with the game. Gibbs is able to pretend to understand Yorka’s dislike of women, since they do talk a lot!

Meanwhile, Torres and Reeves are in a hotel room in Georgetown, where there are materials to make bombs. They also find train schedules, and realize that Yorka has to be targeting someone on the train. He likes to make things personal.

When Reeves is able to get into Yorka’s computer, he finds an invoice for the delivery of frozen crab cakes to the hotel. That food is being used as a brunch for the International Coalition of Peace, which has delegates from around the world. Romania is one of those places, and it’s clear Yorka is getting revenge for his frozen assets through frozen food. There’s a sort of poetic element to that, not that I agree with the bad guy’s actions.

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Off they head to where the brunch is going to start, but they get security footage that shows Yorka has another henchman.

Jack plays doctor

Since they can’t get a doctor, Jack decides to play one. She wants to inject Yorka with ketamine, but he refuses pain killers. So she decides to make it look like she’s having trouble cutting his jeans. With Yorka in pain, Gibbs is able to overpower Yorka. However, the hostage jumps up as the second henchman. Yorka wasn’t stupid enough to come alone.

With all this going on, McGee is able to get Morgan to safety and find a doctor to help him. Unfortunately, the medical team doesn’t get to Morgan in time and he dies in McGee’s arms. This does now give McGee a chance to get to Delilah, who is giving birth to the twins at that moment.

Meanwhile, Torres and Reeves figure out that while the ballroom and hotel were search for the bomb, the kitchen wasn’t. The bomb was under the salad cart the whole time. The two have to defuse the bomb, which is a major struggle for them. They’re not sure which wire to cut, so Reeves makes the decision that they cut both and run in the hope they’ve done the right thing. Miraculously their plan works!

With the bomb no longer an issue, Gibbs and Jack are able to take care of Yorka and his henchman. Jack also gets the chance to beat Yorka routinely to get revenge for the death of her friend.

Back in Deliliah’s room, she gives birth to their newborn twins. They run through all the potential names they had and rule out each of them. Deliliah wants the little boy to be named John, after McGee’s dad. It’s sweet, but McGee has an even sweeter suggestion for the little girl. Morgan, after the brave security guard.

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