6 fave Smart!Sam moments


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Sam Winchester and his beautiful Mind

‘Tis the season to give lauds to our favorite brainiac Winchester. This isn’t to say that Dean is a slouch in the smarts department, but one of the brothers would rather do books than beer, and we know who that is.

After a thoroughly scientific survey (aka: asking my Twitter timeline), we came up with our favorite times Sam wowed us with his big, beautiful brain. And rest assured, it wasn’t easy!

Our top six moments where Sam out-thunk the Supernatural

Using hallowed ground to dispel a haunted truck. Sam correctly predicts that coaxing the haunted truck from “Route 666” (episode 1.13) to cross over hallowed ground will blast it back into the Hereafter. Unfortunately, it probably gives Dean a Code Brown moment in the process.

Best bloody smile award goes to RoboSam. Stuck in a cell without weapons (or his soul), Sam gnaws a hole in his wrist with his own teeth and uses the blood to paint a devil’s trap on the ceiling, facilitating his escape. That bloody smile shouldn’t seem so … ingenious. But oh, it is.

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Fooling Famine. The Horseman, Famine, underestimates Sam’s wiles and thinks getting him hopped up on demon blood will woo Sam to the Dark Side. Sam psychically pulls the demons out of Famine’s bodyguard’s meatsuits and—banking on Famine’s greed—lets the Horseman consume the loose demons in order to manipulate the infernal meal into a lethal bout of indigestion. Buh-bye, Famine.

Heading to California. Sam getting into Stanford, LSAT score of 174 in tow and what had to be a full-ride in his back pocket, speaks volumes as to how brilliant and tenacious the guy is. How on earth he managed to keep up his grades and apply to a prestigious university while hunting monsters and traipsing from town to town to town is beyond me.

Sam’s ear for languages. Obviously, Sam rocks the Latin, but he’s also conversational in Spanish and has at least a working knowledge of Aramaic, Old/Middle English, Enochian, petroglyphs, Nordic runes and probably Japanese, which he could’ve picked up from Bobby or Dean’s dubious anime ‘collection’. Or the odd copy of Busty Asian Beauties left laying around.

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And Smart!Sam moment #1!

And lastly, the most popular Smart!Sam moment, hands down: The reverse exorcism. Which Sam pops out with, off the cuff. Like, no big shakes. I can’t remember my kids’ names, most days. Also, in the same episode (8.02, “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”), we get Sam doing the math on the taxes for a 2010 Ferrari F430 Spider. In his mind. Without a calculator. Can he stop by and straighten out my check book? Please? I have salad.

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