Brooklyn Nine-Nine 99th episode recap: Captain Holt and Rosa tell their secrets


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A moment to remember for nine-nine fans as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine 99th episode aired with the squad undertaking cross-country style road trip.

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The nine-nine achieved a unique moment in TV history with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine 99th episode titled ‘99’. A milestone that will probably never be unique to any other show it celebrated with the squad heading out to LA, visiting a movie landmark, undertaking a cross-country road trip and spending a night on a ranch, ‘99’ had a bit of everything that makes the nine-nine, the nine-nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine kicked off its 99th episode with Jake swaggering into the precinct announcing to Terry that he has achieved what he thought couldn’t be done. Performing ‘the worm’. Terry told him four years ago that he couldn’t do and since then Jake has been perfecting the signature dance move.

He busts it out unaware that he has just interrupted the briefing regarding the recent death of their former CO and that they will be attending the funeral. The nine-nine are off to LA.

Nakatomi Plaza

As the squad attends the funeral of their former CO, Captain Holt finds out that he has been shortlisted for the position of New York Police Chief Commissioner and has an interview scheduled regarding the job. Everyone is excited at the Captain’s news except for Jake who has gone to a whole other world of excitement, as though Christmas has come early.

They are still discussing the idea of Holt landing the job as the squad makes their way back to the airport for their flight home when a distraction occurs that shifts their attention, or more importantly Jakes attention. The Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox, Jordin Althaus Image Acquired from Fox Flash

Jake begs and pleads to go visit the landmark and they all agree they have enough time to take a quick trip over. An empty floor under construction is what greets them but that is more than enough for Jake as it’s exactly like the movie and he begins snapping several hundred pictures of himself recreating certain Die Hard moments.

Eventually, they have to call it quits and catch their flight but unfortunately, the door has closed and they are unable to open it.By the time they manage to get out and make it to the airport they have missed their flight making it officially game over for Holt’s chance of being Commissioner.

A road trip like no other

Jake comes to the rescue though for he has a plan, a cross-country road trip. He has managed to acquire an RV and believes they can make it back in time if they stick to the plan. Of course, the plan does not go to plan. Holt is not driving anywhere near fast enough due to the speedometer being broken, Scully does some potentially physiological harm to everyone after using the bathroom and as soon as Jake takes over the driving smoke begins to appear forcing the squad to pull over and watch their RV explode.

Now really stuck as all their belongings have been destroyed Holt resigns himself once again to the fact he won’t make the interview. Everyone reluctantly agrees with the Captain and the squad begin to focus on where they are going to spend the night. Thankfully Boyle’s cousins don’t live too far away.

Rosa shares her secret

Boyle’s cousins are farmers who specialise in cows meaning that there are lots of cow screaming. They shouldn’t be too worried though as it’s just the cows having sex with each other. Both concerned and grateful for the hospitality the squad gets settled into the living room which they are all bunking in for the night.

While they all get settled Rosa gets on the phone with her new partner updating them on what is going on. Boyle, who has been curious about who this new partner is since the funeral, attempts to eavesdrop on the conversation in an attempt to learn who it is.

Rosa catches him and ends the conversation fairly quickly but Boyle already heard enough, but what he heard was not what he expected. It was a woman’s voice. Rosa, unsure of what to say or do comes clean. She tells Boyle that she is bi-sexual but she does not want to talk about, she wants to keep her relationship secret.


During the squad’s cow ranch slumber party both Holt and Jake are unable to sleep due to all the cow sex screaming. Jake tries to talk to Holt about being the next commissioner but he does do not want to really discuss it. He does not want to get his hopes up. That it is better not to dream about such things.

A pretty depressing opinion but not one Jake is willing to accept. The next morning Jake wakes everyone up as he has discovered that not too far from where they are staying is an airport. They can hitch a ride in a cargo plane and make it back in time for Captain Holt’s interview.

Before they leave however they need a change of clothes. They have been in the same outfits for a while now and are starting to smell. Boyle’s cousins lend them some clothes and the nine-nine suddenly look like they have all become a member of the Boyle family, dressed all in beige.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox, Jordin Althaus Image Acquired from Fox Flash

With the use of some borrowed transport, they make their way to the airport but don’t get very far. An anonymous tip has been filed with the local police claiming that drugs are in the vehicle they are using. Suspicious of who would do such a thing Jake suddenly figures out what has been going on. Holt has been behind everything that has gone wrong.

The tower visit, Holts idea, the door closing, Holt, the speedometer breaking, Holt, the RV explosion, Holt and the anonymous tip, Holt. He confesses to it all making Terry ask the biggest question of them all.


Holt comes clean

Holt admits that he cannot take the job for he is compromised. That he made a deal with some bad people and they will try and use him and his power. Amy puts two and two together and realises that Holt made a deal with the gangster Seamus Murphy. He had intel that could free both Jake and Rosa from prison and after telling Amy not to take the deal he did.

Everyone silently stares at the Captain realising what he has done. That he comprised himself for them, that he would do anything for his squad.

Amy turns on her superpower

This confession, while very moving, is not a good enough reason for Holt to throw away his dream job. The nine-nine support each and will support Holt through this.

Amy is then called upon to figure out how to get Captain Holt back in time for his interview. By this point she has been trying to be cool Amy and not be so serious but they need serious Amy to make this plan work. She turns on her superpower of super organisation and weird knowledge and devises a perfect plan to get back in time with five minutes to spare.

And it works, Holt makes his interview, grateful that the squad never gave up on him.


As they all wait in the bar for Holt to return, Boyle approaches Rosa to offer his support for her and her relationship, after all, it doesn’t change anything. Holt finally returns to tell them all that he is officially on the short list to become the next NYPD Police Commissioner. They all cheer and give Holt their support, not only on his potential new position but on dealing with Seamus Murphy as well.

They all raise their glasses and toast Nine-Nine.

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