7 times Castiel made us cry on Supernatural


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While Castiel has certainly brought us to tears of laughter, he has also made us cry sad tears on Supernatural.

Castiel is no stranger to emotions or causing the Supernatural fandom to feel a range of emotions. While there have been plenty of tears shed due to the inability to stop laughing, we have also cried plenty of sad tears for our angel.

The sad moments aren’t as common as the happy, funny moments. However, there are some standout moments. These are the top seven times Castiel has made us cry like babies (and we’re not ashamed to say so).

#7. That time Dean found him in Purgatory

Season 7 wasn’t great, but it did send Dean and Castiel to Purgatory at the end. Not great. Definitely not great. But it gave us the tearful moment of Dean finding Castiel in Purgatory after a year of being apart. Even though they got to Purgatory together, Castiel flew away to try to keep the monsters away from Dean.

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The reunion was joyous, but sad at the same time. Dean was so happy, yet Castiel just didn’t want to be found. He knew how dangerous it was for both to be there, but more Castiel. If monsters knew an angel was there (and they would), they would come after him.

#6. His realization that the world needs the Winchesters

Like season 7, season 12 wasn’t the greatest season of the show. The good thing about it was some of Castiel’s development. When the Winchester brothers are taken by the Secret Service and held in a secret black site, Castiel tries to take on some of the hunts and fails miserably.

While in a bar with Mary, he learns that she managed to take down one of the things he was hunting and lost. He acknowledges just how much the world needs the Winchesters and that leads to him later killing Billie, refusing to allow any of the Winchesters to sacrifice themselves; cosmic consequences or no.

#5. Releasing the Leviathans

When Castiel realized everything bad he’d done in the season 6 finale, he decided to try to get rid of the Leviathans. Instead it released them into the Earth, but we won’t concentrate on that just now. Let’s focus more on Castiel’s actions.

He left his friends and stepped into a lake. Arms out wide, Castiel gave up his life in the hope that he could stop the Leviathans destroying the world. It was a sacrificial action that had us all in tears and extremely worried about the future for him.

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#4. When he reunited with the Winchesters after death

This entry is extremely recent, so you shouldn’t need your memory jogged. After Castiel’s death in season 12 (it would be on the list, but it was Dean that made us cry in that moment rather than Castiel actually dying), we wondered how he and the Winchesters would be reunited. Then came the Cosmic Entity and Castiel getting kicked out of the Empty for being too annoying.

When he finally made it to Earth, he found a payphone and made a quick phone call to Dean. As Dean focused on Castiel, all our angel did was turn around with a confused, sad, happy, and subdued expression. It was a mixture of everything we felt as we learned where Castiel was and watched him meet up with the Winchesters again.

#3. Telling the Winchesters he loved them

Supernatural season 12 did give us Castiel’s almost death before his actual death. After going up against a Prince of Hell, Castiel was stabbed with Michael’s lance. The lance would kill bad guys immediately, but it would kill good guys slowly and painfully. Honestly, we should have realized Michael was definitely not a good guy just seeing that, so shouldn’t be surprised at Apocalypse World Michael.

As Castiel died, he told the Winchesters everything he felt, including the fact that he loved them. There were no expectations to hear it back. Castiel just wanted to make sure they knew how much they meant to him after all this time. It was devastating heartbreaking and sweet, and we’re really glad Crowley came through and found a way to save our angel.

#2. The whole time he was homeless

Homeless Castiel was beautiful, but made us cry every single time. Despite being down and out of luck, he tried to put others first. He would help where he could, despite knowing he couldn’t get some things back or knowing they could never help him. He was selfless and it was certainly a way to repent for everything that he had done in the past.

All we wanted to do was wrap him up and give him a warm bed. Luckily, he did eventually find his way but that doesn’t take away the tears.

#1. His anger towards Dean

Way back in Supernatural season 5, Castiel had his angriest moment ever. Finding out Dean was considering giving up on the world and the apocalypse, he cornered him in an alley and attacked. The worlds “I rebelled for you” stand out clearly in my head, as every emotion came up to the surface.

It wasn’t clear what Castiel would do in this moment. Would he kill the human he had a “profound bond” with? Would he convince Dean to not give up? All we knew at the time was that we were in tears with the amazing acting of Misha Collins.

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What were your saddest Castiel moments? Which times did you cry your heart out? Share in the comments below.

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