25 Days of Cas-mas special: What to expect


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Networks like to do a countdown to Christmas, while children open their Advent calendars and get excited for Santa’s arrival. SPN Hunters is counting down in Supernatural style with 25 Days of Cas-mas.

Have you noticed how many networks countdown the days of Christmas with specials? Freeform, Hallmark, and others will hold 25 Days of Christmas specials. It’s time to do something with a Supernatural twist, called the 25 Days of Cas-mas.

For the next 25 days of December (yes, there’s even a gift on Christmas Day), SPN Hunters will have a featured piece all about Castiel/Misha Collins. This is a chance not to share some love for the awesome angel, but for the man behind the wings.

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Here’s a rundown of everything to expect over the next 25 days. Each day the pieces will link back here, making it easy for you to bookmark this page and check up on the latest piece shared.

What makes Castiel so special?

Why 25 Days of Cas-mas when there are other important Supernatural characters? Well, firstly, Castiel’s name works better with Christmas. So it became a default. But also because Castiel is a hugely important character, sometimes forgotten about by some of the writers. Over recent years, some of the writers seem to have forgotten that he was one of Heaven’s best angels. While he may have lost his grace and become human at one point, he sometimes gets some of the dumbest storylines.

This was a character that fans begged to return in season 7; one that fans were devastated about losing in the season 12 finale. This is just the first year doing something like this, too. Maybe next year we can focus on another character.

25 Days of Cas-mas: The plan

So, here’s a look at the featured pieces that will be posted over the next 25 days.

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Are you excited for the 25 Days of Cas-mas? Share the day you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.

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