Supernatural season 1 finale recap: The Winchesters make a choice


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The Winchesters are faced with a difficult decision: kill the demon or save their dad.

When protagonists are chasing evil, most TV shows will put them in difficult positions involving family members. That was exactly what Supernatural did in its season 1 finale. The brothers had to make a choice when the Yellow Eyed Demon, Azazel, possessed their father. Did they shoot to kill the demon they’d been chasing for the full season or save their dad and let the demon run for another day.

Can’t remember exactly how the episode went down? Don’t worry! We have you covered with this finale recap.

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Meet Bobby Singer

The episode picks up where the previous one left off. Meg has John and taunts the brothers that he is “beyond help.” The two go to one person they know they can trust and who will hopefully help: Bobby Singer.

Why haven’t we seen him before? Well, the backstory is quickly explained, enough to satisfy us as viewers but continue with the overall story. Sam notices just how many books Bobby has on demon lore, while Dean explains the full situation. There’s good news; Bobby has a way to trap a demon. It also turns out that he has ways to protect the Impala from demons breaking into it, which is useful later.

When Meg breaks down the door and forces her way in, she’s trapped in a devil’s trap painted on the ceiling. Once in, no demon can get out and they can’t use their powers. Sam has the chance to exorcise the demon, while Dean interrogates her to find out John’s location. At first Meg says she killed John, but then she tells the brothers that he’s in Jefferson City.

Bobby then explains that Meg is just a girl. The demon is possessing her and if they exorcise the demon there’s a good chance the girl will die. Dean can’t just leave the girl to remain possessed, so he gets Sam to complete the exorcism. As the now human Meg dies, she tells the Winchesters “sunrise.”

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Rescue John Winchester

With Meg gone, it’s time to deal with the John situation. All they know right now is he’s in Jefferson City, somewhere. Along the way, Sam and Dean argue about what to do. Dean thinks family is the most important thing and claims Sam is just like John: wanting to kill the demon despite any consequences.

When they get to Jefferson City, the Winchesters work out Meg’s clue. “Sunrise” mean Sunrise Apartments. That’s where John is being held. Dressed as firemen, the two get into the building undetected and trap the demons watching John in a closet. When Sam sees John he wants to test John with Holy Water, but John is barely alive and wants to know about the Colt.

Once outside, Tom attacks Sam and Dean is forced to use one of the bullets on him. They make their way to a secluded cabin.

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Sergei Bachlakov Acquired from CW PR

The possession confirmed

Once they get to the cabin, John tells his boys how proud of them he is; how they’ve put family first. Dean is instantly suspicious. John would never be happy that he put family first, so knows that John has to be possessed. Aiming the Colt at John, John’s eyes glow yellow. Not only is he possessed, but by the thing they’ve been hunting for years.

Yellow Eyes mocks Sam’s unreliability with his powers and severely injures Dean. He also shares just why he killed Mary and Jess: they got in the way of his plans for Sam and all the other kids like Sam.

John is able to overpower the demon temporarily, so Sam is able to grab the Colt and shoot John in the leg. The demon is forced to leave John’s body, so the Winchesters can get out of the cabin and get Dean to the hospital.

As Sam drives to the hospital, John shares how disappointed he is in the boys. They should have sacrificed John to get the demon, but Sam explains that the demon is not the most important thing. As they talk, a truck hits them from the side. The truck driver has black eyes, telling us he possessed by a demon.

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Supernatural season 1 ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the Winchesters’ lives all in the balance.

Did you expect Supernatural to end with a cliffhanger? What did you think of the first season ending? Share in the comments below.

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