NCIS fall finale recap: Jack faces the demons of her past


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Jack Sloan is an enigma with a secret, but NCIS started to reveal the layers in the fall finale.

It was the NCIS season 15 fall finale and things got heated extremely quickly. While 3-star General Senator John Phillips is in Afghanistan, with Jack and Torres as his security detail, he learns his son has been involved in a potentially drunken accident and is close to death. His attempts to get home put his and many other lives in danger.

Senator Phillips just wants to go home

It’s a shame that ruby slippers and clicking your heels three times doesn’t work in the real life. Senator Phillips just wants to get home to his son and he’s willing to risk the safety of the people around him to do so. Well, he’s willing to risk his own life and that means the people around him.

While on a personal mission to add morale to the troops in Afghanistan, the senator learns that his son has been involved in an accident. He fell down some stairs and bashed his head, threatening his life. It’s initially going to be ruled a drunken accident until Bishop gets the NCIS hands on the case. They know something else has happened.

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But Senator Phillips doesn’t know the full truth yet. All he knows is that he needs to get home to his son. That means leaving in the middle of the night, in the desert, to get to another base for air evacuation (because where they are means the roads aren’t safe). Torres and Jack both knew he was going to do this, so arrange for transport to the other base for him, but it means travelling with the world’s worst comedian.

On the way, Phillips arranges for a detour. Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds, as their truck ends up triggering an IED and the truck is blown to smithereens. Luckily, Phillips, Torres, Jack and the annoying comedian weren’t in the truck at the time, but they did lose the corporal driving them. They also lost the Sat phone, which was in the back of the vehicle. So they find a cave and hunker down until help comes. That’s not going to happen since nobody else knew they were taking a detour for a quicker route. Everyone will be looking for the original route. This is why in the middle of a war zone you always tell someone else where you’re going!

NCIS figure out what happened to Chandler

Back in America, Gibbs, McGee and Bishop are on the case to figure out what happened to Chandler. Abby and Palmer realize that the head injury isn’t consistent with just a fall. Chandler was pushed. Did someone try to kill him?

Well, there are two suspects: Chandler’s roommate Seth and his girlfriend. Seth says that they are professional gamblers, which is why they live a lavish lifestyle and have a craps table and video cameras set up around a room in their apartment. However, the two soon admit that they weren’t professional gamblers at all; they’re professional scam artists.

Chandler had figured out how to switch the craps dice with some loaded dice and win the friends $90,000 due to Snake Eyes. It doesn’t take long for the case to unravel. Chandler had been caught and was actually offered a job to help spot other scammers in casinos. He even gave back the $90,000, which meant Seth and his girlfriend had motive to kill Chandler, since they were going to lose out on their “earnings.”

NCIS offers the chance to drop the attempted murder charges and opt for assault instead. Seth uses that chance to turn on his girlfriend, only the girlfriend was practicing the switching dice trick at the time and it’s all on camera. NCIS have evidence that Seth was the one to push Chandler down the stairs.

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Can Jack and Torres get Phillips home alive?

Back in Afghanistan, the four make it to a cave for cover, since they know the Taliban will be back to check on the explosion. As expected, Taliban show up and fire into the caves, and Phillips is shot during the event. Torres and Jack are able to take down the two terrorists (there were only two on patrol) and Torres finds out they rode in on motorbikes.

He now has a way to get back to camp, but has limited fuel. Jack, who has been in the area before, is able to show him a route he can take on the motorbike.

With Torres on the rescue mission, it’s time to learn a little more about Jack. While back at the base, she looks longingly at the name “Wingos.” Phillips and Jack talk about how she’s been there before; 10 years in fact. The mission was classified, so she can’t say much, but it’s enough for Phillips to realize that she lost a friend while there. “Wingos” is that friend and she misses him.

When Phillips passes out, Jack sets up three bullets on rocks in the cave. It looks odd, until the ground starts rumbling. The positioning of the bullets tells her when someone is coming, a rough idea of a vehicle, and the proximity to the cave. It’s an ingenious plan and Jack knows to get ready for a last stand against the Taliban.

Fortunately, it’s Torres with the rescue squad. Phillips is taken directly into surgery in the base and Torres with the annoying comedian watches as the corporal’s body is bagged and prepared to fly home; no man left behind.

As for Jack, she goes to the wall with all the names of the fallen, including Wingos, and starts moving the rubble at the bottom. She grabs a tin, which has three names and their service numbers (including Jack’s) scratched into the top. Crying, she takes the tin and NCIS leaves fans questioning more about her backstory.

In the end, Chandler wakes up and is able to return home. Phillips makes it through surgery and is reunited with his son in time for Christmas. It’s a beautiful ending for the NCIS fall finale.

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NCIS season 15 will return in 2018.

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