#TBT: Karla: The movie Misha Collins found most disturbing

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Ever tempted to watch absolutely everything that Misha Collins has been in? There’s one movie you may want to skip.

Way back in 2006, before Misha Collins was known for his role of Castiel on Supernatural, he took on his most disturbing role to date. That role was Paul Bernardo in the movie Karla, a movie based on the very real horror story of Bernardo and Karla Homolka in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

It’s a movie many Collins fans may be tempted to see. After all, he plays a vastly different role to anything else he’s ever done. Sure, he’s played thieves and killers on the likes of NCIS and 24, but he’s never done such a sadistic role of Bernardo.

Karla is a movie Collins recommends you don’t watch. Not only is he not proud of the actual movie, but it was his most disturbing movie ever to film. During one convention, he explained that he’d saw a side to himself that he never expected. While he believes everyone has a dark side within themselves, most people will never see it. Channelling Bernardo brought that side out and he absolutely hated it. It was only after the movie that he lost those feelings of hatred and sadism.

On top of that, he says the whole filming process was uncomfortable and creepy. The director reportedly found some of the rape and torture scenes “hot,” according to Collins’ statements at a Supernatural convention (video below).

The movie has also been slated for being sympathetic to Homolka. That’s a completely different article though and one I won’t get into it.

While this could be a piece that makes you realize Collins has played a real-life serial killer before, it is also a piece that recommends you don’t see it. Before even knowing about Collins and his hatred for the movie, I watched it and it is disturbing and awful; one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen (with absolutely no disrespect to Collins and his co-star Laura Prepon). It is a disturbing movie and even creepier knowing Collins’ story from behind the scenes.

Check out everything Collins has to say about the movie below:

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