Does Taylor Kitsch deserve another shot at playing Gambit, this time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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While Taylor Kitsch’s performance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t the greatest, he did a decent job at playing Gambit. Unfortunately, Gambit has been recast with Channing Tatum in the role. But, maybe that’ll change again.

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For anyone not up to date with the latest Marvel news, Fox and Disney have come to an agreement. One that’ll lead to the X-Men Cinematic Universe rebooted, while the X-Men join the Avengers in the MCU. In turn, the fate of the standalone features like Gambit are up in the air. They may or may not be developed in the MCU, but if Gambit is one that’s still in development, some needed changes could be made. The most pertinent being who’ll play Remy Lebeau.

At the moment, Channing Tatum is reportedly still attached to the Gambit standalone. We don’t know if that’s changed since the Fox / Disney deal took place, but there’s a good chance it has. The last update Tatum gave detailed how he was getting the character ready. Though, that was months ago. Tatum hasn’t said anything since and that may be a sign of him not being able to make the part work. If that’s the case, Fox / Disney could decide to recast Tatum’s part.

Assuming the studios are intent on bringing in an actor who’s actually ready to perform, Tatum could be replaced. And with filming on Gambit starting in March, someone is going to have to step into the role. Personally, I’d like to see Taylor Kitsch return. He’s played the character once before and did an excellent job at that. Not enough people give Kitsch the credit he deserves but he’s a good actor. He just needs the right opportunity to show off his chops. Reprising his role as Remy Lebeau would accomplish that. Of course, prepping Kitsch for the standalone Gambit movie would require more than a few months, so it’s unlikely that he’ll be cast. Nevertheless, Taylor Kitsch returning to portray Gambit is an interesting prospect to consider.

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Gambit hits theaters February 14, 2019.

Would you rather see Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, or Channing Tatum? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.