Supernatural: Dean learns to have a little faith

Photo credit: Supernatural/ The CW by Robert Falconer, Acquired via CW TV PR
Photo credit: Supernatural/ The CW by Robert Falconer, Acquired via CW TV PR /

On Supernatural, Dean and Sam chase after one of the key ingredients needed to open a rift, but find something more than they needed – faith.

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Faith isn’t something Dean has had a lot of over the years on Supernatural. He knows God exists – in fact, they’re good friends. Angels and demons roam the earth, so he has no problem believing in that.

Dean’s lack of faith stems from the fact he doesn’t think anyone is going to help him, so he relies on himself and Sam to get things done on Supernatural.

So, it was an interesting change of pace when Dean ended the latest episode of Supernatural, “A Most Holy Man, telling Sam he has faith. It seems that Father Lucca Camilleri had an influence on Dean in the short amount of time they spent together. It took a “most holy man” for Dean to see that all the things that have happened over the years to him maybe weren’t by chance, but some were perhaps guided by something greater.

The Supernatural episode “A Most Holy Man” was actually a really nice change of pace overall. While the brothers were on a mission to get one of the ingredients they needed to open the rift to the apocalyptic world, there was a light-hearted nature to the episode that had been missing recently. It also had an old-time feel with the makeup and clothing of the characters.

Sam had to play the flirt, which annoyed Dean since he knows he is the pretty one. There were double crossings and the type of people that haven’t really been around since the days of Bela. The brothers played with rich people’s money, but it was the man who was working for his people – Father Camilleri – that won.

Sam and Dean figured the blood of a holy man meant they would need the blood of a saint. Sam tracked down a woman who dealt in religious relics. She immediately took a liking to him and sent him to Mr. Greenstreet, who promised to exchange the skull of St. Peter for the blood of Saint Ignacious

Photo credit: Supernatural/ The CW by Robert Falconer, Acquired via CW TV PR
Photo credit: Supernatural/ The CW by Robert Falconer, Acquired via CW TV PR /

While the brothers tracked the person who stole the skull to a hotel in Seattle, it turned out that he worked for the local mob boss, Santino Scarpatti. But when they found him, he was dead. Sam and Dean wound up meeting with the mob boss, who then offered for them to find the skull for a handsome finder’s fee.

The brothers were essentially working for everyone at this point to get this skull.

After returning to the hotel, Sam found a piece of paper with a tracking number for a package. After getting bopped in the head by the priest, he, Dean and the priest (they made up) chased the package down. Father Camilleri also got bopped in the head by a man working for Margaret Astor.

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They followed the package to a meeting by Astor who sought the highest bidder for the skull. After a double-crossing and a shootout, the brother rescued the skull and gave it back to the priest. Even though this wasn’t the perfect outcome they were looking for, one of the things Father Camilleri told Dean was that doing a good thing and doing a stupid thing were sometimes the same thing.

They probably knew that, but it was good to hear it anyway because it pretty much explains their existence. After chatting about Father Camilleri’s background, it turns out that he was given an honor by the pope, which translated to “a most holy man,” exactly what Dean and Sam were searching for.

They got some of his blood for the spell, but this is when Sam and Dean had a heart-to-heart talk. Sam is still in a funk, trying to figure out if it ever gets better. They stave off one apocalypse just to contend with another.

Sam wonders if it ever gets better.

Dean – in a very un-Dean way – says, he thinks it will because he has faith.

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At the start of the season, Dean was the one who lamented on how broken the world was. People around him were dead or disappearing, but now the few wins he needed have manifested with Castiel coming back and a plan to save his mother.

However, Sam is in need of some saving and it won’t necessarily be bringing Mary back that is going to do it for him. He seems to be struggling on a bigger level with what it all means. He fights, he wins. He fights and wins again. But when does the fighting end.

After a while, it must get tiring, but perhaps if Mary comes back she is able to explain why the Winchester brothers are so important to humanity because, without them, the world would be a wasteland.

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