Bob’s Burgers: The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets is an adventure

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /

In this week’s Bob’s Burgers, we watch as the kids try to uncover a secret, resulting in a stunning revelation while Bob and Teddy try working together.

Their second episode since returning from The Olympics, Bob’s Burgers is headed back to Wagstaff with the kids, looking for a secret room. As for the adults, Teddy tries his hand at a new business with mixed results. After such a fun school-related episode last week, there’s a lot to live up to.

If you haven’t watched “The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets,” there will be spoilers from this week’s episode.

This week’s episode begins with Linda, talking about getting ready for her mother’s birthday and how they need to step up their handmade gift game. After hearing Zeke talk about the Secret Ceramics room, Louise and Gene explain it to Tina. Eventually, they decide to go looking for it and get a better gift.

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Mr. Ambrose suggests the kids find someone who took the class. They find Rose Reynolds who gives them a yearbook, helping them to track down the room. They try to tunnel through but accidentally cut into the broom closet. While studying the picture, they realize the picture was flipped and cut into the wrong wall.

After school, the kids ask Teddy for supplies and he gives them some tools to help cut into the lockers. Louise, Tina and Gene work together to try to get into the ceramics room, getting a glimpse before Mr. Frond catches them. Frond takes them to his office, leaving them there to go into the Ceramics room.

The kids catch him and find his stolen votes for seventh-grade secretary. They agree to keep his secret as long as they can take some pottery. Eventually, Louise comes to her senses and the kids work together with Rose to make gifts from their grandparents.

Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /

Back at the restaurant, Teddy works on a “side project” with Bob and Linda’s approval. His project involves him replacing cracked phone screens. Teddy tries to promote himself in the restaurant and plays music, only annoying Bob.

The next day, Teddy uses the employee bathroom, overflows the toilet and bothers a customer because of a screw. Teddy complains about Bob and agrees to go back home to work on his business.

After last week’s school-centric episode, I was a little bit nervous. Thankfully, “The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets” exceeded all my expectations. Most of all, it was another huge moment of maturity for Louise. While she usually would take the easy way out, she judges with her heart, not her head.

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Once again, Tina was the voice of reason and Gene was the comedic relief. As for Teddy’s plot, I thought it was funny but definitely not a strong point of the episode. So far, it’s been 2 for 2 with the post-Olympics episodes.

I give “The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets” an A-.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 7:30/6:30c.