Trickster lore: Is it Trickster even real on Supernatural?

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Supernatural Season 2 introduced the idea of a Trickster, but by Season 5 we wondered if one of these creatures was even real in the series.

“Tall Tales” was certainly full of urban legends, goofy stories, and fake supernatural beings. Bobby came to town and instantly believed he knew what the Winchesters were dealing with: a Trickster. He had all the lore on how to kill it, but everything (unknowingly to them) failed.

It wasn’t until Supernatural Season 5 that we understood why. The Trickster wasn’t really a Trickster at all. He was Gabriel in his own witness protection.

Gabriel is still technically a Trickster

A Trickster is officially a Demigod-like creature, immortal except when killed with a very specific item. The whole point of one of these creatures is to create mayhem. They just want to have fun, and can create anything they want with a click of their fingers.

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One of the ways to tell if something is a Trickster is through the amount of candy and sugary treats it eats. However, this may not be Trickster lore but Gabriel lore.

It’s worth noting that Gabriel also went by the name of Loki, the Norse god of trickery. So, technically, Gabriel was a Trickster. He fooled everyone and fit the bill of the creature.

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Where the idea of Tricksters come from

Supernatural may be a fictional show, but, as we’ve already noted, there are numerous lore and legends that has some real connection. The lore on the Trickster is just the same.

It appears that the lore is a mixture of different religious beliefs. There’s the idea of Loki straight from Norse mythology, but the idea of enjoying sweet treats comes from Greek mythology. Hermes had a sweet tooth and was often given gifts of honey.

Cheating death isn’t uncommon. Even the mortal Tricksters in some mythology, such as Reynard the Fox and Sisyphus, would trick people into thinking they were dead. That’s exactly what Gabriel plays at the end of “Tall Tales.

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Do you think Tricksters really exist in the Supernatural universe? Are all the stories Bobby had heard linked to Gabriel creating the identity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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