NCIS recap: How does Abby leave?


It was Abby’s final goodbye in NCIS Season 15, Episode 22. Just how final was it? And what happened to Reeves?

We knew this episode wasn’t going to be easy going into it. NCIS Season 15, Episode 22 had been pushed as Abby’s final goodbye. All we knew was that she was injured in some way during the shooting from the previous episode. What the promo could tell us whether she’d survive or whether this really would be a final goodbye.

Throughout the episode, we learned the fates of Abby and Reeves, got plenty of flashbacks, and a mention of Tony DiNozzo, since Michael Weatherly was busy filming the Bull Season 2 finale at the time. So, here’s a look at the most heartbreaking episode of NCIS in a very long time.

NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Reeves’ story told quickly

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NCIS wasted no time in getting into the fates of its agents. Opening with Abby crashing as she was wheeled into the hospital, we quickly learned that Reeves wasn’t that lucky. He was already in the body bag in the morgue. Absolutely nobody was happy, but at least Ducky was there to help Palmer through the autopsy of a colleague. It’s not easy and Ducky will know that after Cate, Jenny, and many others.

With that, the focus was on Abby. Would she make it through alive? Before that could happen, the team realized that this wasn’t just a random hit. Someone had hired a hitman to kill Abby and then the hitman was killed. The race was on to figure out who had hired the hitman.

A few former bad guys were brought in, but while they were notable faces they were not the ones to do it. It didn’t take too long to figure out that it was King, the man who had hired and conned Abby to create a dangerous system. He’d used his black ops connections to convince the guard to switch places with him, so he could escape and take down Abby.

Torres is locked in a coffin

Emotions ran high throughout the episode. McGee spent time calling Tony DiNozzo, as Abby laid unconscious and hooked up to machines. Fortunately, it didn’t take too long for Abby to wake up and her first question was about Reeves. What had happened to him?

NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

With no memory of the event, she threw herself into figuring out where King was to take him down. Once she had done, she knew she had to get a confession from him alone, so locked Torres in a coffin by betting him that he wouldn’t get in because he was too scared. Guess he’ll never fall for that again.

Abby then went to meet with King, slipping a pill in his drink. Telling him it was cyanide, she promised he could have the antidote if he confessed all to her. He does, and Reeves was just collateral damage. Finally, everything falls into place for Abby and she’s able to remember the attack. The events from the last episode play out.

As the hitman fired the first shot, Reeves had tried to push the gun away. The bullet had hit Abby. Reeves and the hitman fought, but Reeves was shot twice in the chest and died instantly. Abby called out his name before passing out.

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NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS — Photo: Patrick McElhenney/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Abby makes her decision to leave

After getting her confession and giving King the antidote (that he didn’t need because it was CaffPow she gave him and not cyanide — we all knew Abby couldn’t kill a man), she pays Reeves a visit in the morgue with an apology for everything that happened. Because NCIS had found Reeves’ wallet at the hitman’s house, she is able to gives him the photo of him and his mom to make sure he has some comfort in his death. She also promises him that she will make sure she does right by him, sad that he’s died because of her.

This sets up her final goodbye. Back in her lab, she admits that she’s going to escort Reeves’ body so he can be buried next to his mother. Abby then admits that she’s not coming back to NCIS. It’s time to fulfill Reeves’ wish to set up a charity. This is the way she can repay Reeves for the sacrifice he made.

It’s an extremely tearful goodbye, with McGee, Torres, Bishop, Ducky, and Palmer around. That leaves just one more person…Gibbs…

Abby couldn’t tell him to his face, so she gives him a letter. It’s a beautifully written letter, although deep down we all suspect the reason for it but this isn’t the place to get into that. In the end, Gibbs and Abby see each other through the window to say goodbye and for Abby to walk away.

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What did you think about Abby’s exit? Were you happy that it also served Reeves’ exit? What is next for NCIS? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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