Supernatural Season 13 Finale review: Let the Good Times Roll

Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Last night Supernatural aired the Season 13 finale. There were reunions and realizations. And Jensen Ackles’ new character was revealed.

Now, how about that finale? Supernatural ended its 13th season with quite the cliffhanger last night. And the episode itself was one for the ages. So many big things happened. And the visuals! Let’s take a minute to sit back, relax and look at what happened last night. Because we all know what we’re thinking about.

“Sipping mai tais”

No archangel grace means no trip home for our Apocalypse World friends, so they are making themselves at home. After Sam gives them a crash course on everything that is going on. Bobby and Mary have a walk and talk, where they catch us up on where everyone is. Ketch doing Ketch things, Rowena and Charlie are road-tripping together. And Bobby admits that even if they could go back, he wouldn’t want to. He wants to stay. And he says this while making moon eyes at Mary. Welcome back to the show, Jim Beaver!

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Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack are out hunting a werewolf pack. They easily wipe them out with the help of Jack. This gives Dean a great idea. Jack can take care of the hunting on his own. And Sam, Dean, and Cas can all retire to the beach and live out the rest of their days. It sounds like a great and ideal scenario, which is why we all know something terrible is going to happen because nothing can go this great forever.

“We’re family.”

One of the girls from Apocalypse World, Maggie, turns up dead, Mary and Bobby stumble upon her. This is very jarring to everyone since this new world is supposed to be safe. Jack is having a hard time with it. He has a nightmare, which Dean wakes him up from. What follows is a great scene between Jack and Dean in which Dean reassures him that nobody’s perfect. You can’t save everyone, but you just have to try your hardest.

Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

After questioning Maggie’s roommate, they learn she met with a guy named Nate. Jack rushes off to confront Nate and uses his powers against him, without making sure he really is guilty. Sam, Dean, and Cas rush in and stop him, and Jack just feels so guilty about what he’s done, that he disappears. While he is walking in the woods, beating himself up over his actions that always hurt people (GREAT JOB ALEXANDER CALVERT!), he comes across Lucifer. And Team Free Will is confronted by Michael.

“Exactly like Star Wars.”

It doesn’t take long for Team Free Will to get away from Michael. Dean apparently carries the stuff for holy fire in the trunk of Baby. Meanwhile, Lucifer is working his magic on Jack. He is sweet talking him like crazy. Using everything he can think of to convince Jack to go with him. And not just somewhere away from his surrogate fathers, but off the planet. Lucifer goes so far as to promise Jack a lightsaber if he goes with him. Eventually, Jack agrees, on one condition.

The one condition is just so sweet and so Jack. It really shows how much Jack cares for people, and this is an important moment to juxtapose later when he learns of Lucifer’s feelings about humans. Anyway, Jack brings Lucifer to the bunker to resurrect Maggie. Lucifer is SUPER hesitant. But does it anyway, and Jack and Lucifer immediately peace out.

“APB on the devil.”

In the bunker, Dean, Mary, and Cas are discussing how they are going to try and find Lucifer and Jack. Dean has put out word for people to contact them if they see them. Cas has decided to listen to angel radio. However, angel radio is nothing but static, so that’s proving difficult. And Mary is concerned about even if they did find them, how were they going to stop Lucifer? Meanwhile, Sam is talking to Maggie about who killed her. She’s not much help, but she did get a look at his eyes.

Everything is interrupted when Michael breaks his way into the bunker. It’s not a fair fight, and Michael easily overpowers everyone and is in the process of killing Dean, when Sam prays to Jack. Jack and Lucifer are somewhere looking at the stars when Jack hears Sam’s prayer. Jack and Lucifer immediately go to their aid, Jack using his power to weaken/kill Michael.

Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

As he’s being killed by Jack, Michael yells at Lucifer for breaking their deal. That stops Jack. Jack turns to Lucifer and uses his powers against him, making him finally speak the truth. Jack is betrayed. And realizing he will never win over Jack, Lucifer STEALS HIS GRACE and then grabs Jack to disappear, taking Sam with them.

“The devil won.”

In the bunker, Michael tells Dean and Cas that there is nothing they can do. Now that Lucifer has Jack’s grace, he’s unstoppable. He may have been able to beat Lucifer at some point, but not now that his vessel was beaten up. Dean is distraught because Lucifer has Sam. And he’s desperate to save Sam, which is something we have seen consistently through the series. This urge to protect and save Sam is what led to him selling his soul in Season 2. So, when Dean mentions that he’s Michael’s sword and offers up his body to be his vessel, it’s not very surprising. We’ve seen Dean do crazier things to save Sam in the past. And of course, it would be saving Sam’s life that would have Dean do what he swore he would never do: Let Michael inside.

“We had a deal.”

Lucifer is tormenting Sam and Jack. He wants one of them to kill the other. He thinks it will be a fun game. Lucifer says if they don’t do it, he’ll create the end of the world and remake it in his image. So, Sam picks up the angel blade and hands it to Jack, and in such a fatherly move, tells Jack to kill him. Jack can’t do it. He tells Sam that he loves him, and Dean and then turns the blade on himself. But he’s interrupted by Dean making his grand entrance in probably my favorite image of the series. Dean has wings.

There is an epic fight between Michael and Lucifer, full of mid-air fisticuffs. Eventually, it seems like Lucifer is going to win, but Sam tosses Dean/Michael an angel blade, and he stabs Lucifer. Lucifer is finally, really, dead.  There’s celebration, everyone is happy. Until Michael decides to renege on his deal with Dean.  He takes over Dean’s body and leaves.

As the show is wrapping up, we get a close up of Cas looking SO SAD about losing Dean to Michael. And then we see Dean/Michael walking down the street in his new duds.

Performer of the week

Since this is the finale, and I can’t choose, I really can’t, it’s going to be a three-way tie this week. Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, and Alexander Calvert all did phenomenally last night.  Jensen FINALLY gets to play someone other than Dean on the show, and it makes me so excited. But even before he let Michael in, the talk with Jack and him wanting to let Michael in held some amazing acting. Mark was oozing Lucifer throughout the episode. But the scene when he realized Jack would never be his? Probably some of his best work on the show. And Alexander, when he was walking through the woods, punishing himself for always hurting people, was also some of this best work.

All three of these men gave it their all in this episode, so I couldn’t just pick and honor one of them. I needed to honor them all.

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What did you think of  Supernatural’s finale? Was it everything you hoped it would be?  Are you excited to see Michael/Dean next season? Also, please take a minute to vote in my Twitter poll, I want to know who you think season 13’s MVP is.

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