Could Christian Keyes return to Supernatural?

Supernatural -- "The Rising Son" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "The Rising Son" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

With Supernatural over for another year, we’re saying goodbye to a few familiar faces. Christian Keyes is one of them, but could he return for another year?

Supernatural season finales tend to bring us character exits. Some of those exits are permanent and others are just temporary. One of the exits in the Season 13 finale was that of Christian Keyes, who quickly cemented himself as an awesome Michael for the Apocalypse World.

Without getting into exactly what happens to Michael in the finale, there are many questions about whether we’ll get to see the actor again. He was very quick to share his thanks to the SPN Family after the episode, but also pointed out something important that could mean his return in the future.

What happened to Apocalypse Michael’s vessel?

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It’s important to point out that Apocalypse Michael was just using a vessel. We never learned who this man was that Michael had decided to trick into saying yes to him. All we do know is that whoever the man was definitely wasn’t Michael’s Sword. That title only belongs to Dean Winchester and was brought up in the finale.

We never did see what happened as Michael went from one body to another. Did the vessel burn up? Was the person killed at some other point? Maybe he just passed out after Michael left his vessel. Other characters have survived being possessed by an angel, such as Hannah’s vessel who was allowed to return to her husband after Hannah decided to leave.

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Of course, Jack used some immense power on Michael, but did that leave permanent damage to the vessel or was it just to the archangel? It’s not something Supernatural has told us.

Christian Keyes hints a potential return

On Twitter, Keyes was quick to point out that we never saw the vessel die. There is always the chance that he could return as the vessel’s character for Supernatural Season 14. This would certainly be an interesting storyline for multiple reasons.

  • We’d get a chance to see life after being possessed by a murderous archangel
  • We’d learn more about the vessel and his life in the Apocalypse World
  • We’d have a conversation about the development of the Apocalypse World
  • We’d learn more about how to stop Michael in Dean’s body

If Keyes comes back as another character, we’d also get to see the man’s real acting talents–and they are vast to go from playing a big bad of Supernatural to a competent and crafty lawyer on In Contempt at the same time.

Nothing is ever set in stone on Supernatural. Multiple returns last season reminded us of that. Keyes coming back to the series would both be welcome and realistic, since we never did see what happened to the vessel in the Supernatural Season 13 finale.

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Would you like to see Christian Keyes return to Supernatural? Do you wonder what happened to the vessel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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