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Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why wrapped up many plot threads from the first season but also left many doors open for the potential third season. Full season spoilers ahead!

If you are reading this article you have likely finished the second season of smash-hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The season featured many monumental moments for all of the characters at Liberty High and provided many angles for the (not yet announced but inevitable) third season of the series to explore.

The big question on every fan’s mind is what will the main plot of the third season be? There are many possibilities as there are still so many avenues left to explore.

These are some of the questions we hope to see answered in the third season.

13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /

Is Hannah’s story over?

Upon the trial’s upsetting conclusion, Hannah’s parents decide to finally honor her with a memorial service. At said service, Clay gives a passionate and tearful speech about how he has to let Hannah go once and for all. Clay struggled all season long with guilt and unanswered questions regarding Hannah. This uncertainty manifested itself as a physical representation of Hannah in Clay’s mind that appeared to him many times throughout the season. While giving his speech and saying his final goodbye to her, Clay sees Hannah walk out of the church and into the light – seemingly leaving his pscyhe as he managed to finally let her go.

At the service, Mrs. Baker approaches Clay and tells him that she is moving to New York. It was always Hannah’s dream to live in the Big Apple and she intended to live Hannah’s dream for her. With this development, it seems both Hannah and Mrs. Baker may not be present in the third season of the show. With all of the shocking revelations about Hannah through the first two seasons it would be surprising if there was any more of her story left to tell, but it is impossible to say for sure. Hannah Baker will always have a looming presence in the show and I would be shocked if Katherine Langford didn’t make a cameo here and there, but it seems for now that her story is complete.

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Will Bryce finally get what is coming to him?

Easily the most hated fictional character in recent history, Bryce Walker managed to get through 2 whole seasons without any real consequences for his despicable actions. The serial rapist dodged justice once again when he was sentenced to a measly 3 months of probation and was able to transfer to a new school where he could “start over.” The outcome was nothing if not realistic as a quick glance at the headlines on any given day will illustrate that men like Bryce avoid punishment for their crimes far too often.

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With that said, Bryce’s future on the show is foreshadowed when he tells Zach that they will meet again next year on the football field – where they will now be rivals on opposite teams. It is clear that Bryce will remain a part of the series going forward and it is hard to imagine that he makes it through another season without facing some sort of consequences for his behavior.

At this point it is tough to say what exactly will happen to Bryce, but it is probably inevitable that he will continue to assault girls at his new school. We can only hope that his new school does more about it than Liberty High and he finally gets what he deserves.

13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /

Will Tyler get the help he desperately needs?

After the horrifying events of the season finale, it is more clear than ever that Tyler is in dire need of help. Liberty High opted to send him to a one month intervention program because they were concerned with his behavior but that was far from a real solution.

When we last see Tyler, he is reeling from his sexual assault and takes a gun to the school dance. He clearly intends to go after everyone who has tormented him (and others) in the past, but thankfully is stopped by Clay who bravely blocks Tyler from entering the school before the situation can take a horrible turn. Clay takes the gun out of his hand and Tyler takes off with Tony before the police arrive.

It would seem that 13 Reasons Why is gearing up to tackle yet another controversial and rarely discussed topic with an exploration of male sexual assault. This is a very real issue and one that needs to be explored, as male victims of sexual assault still face a serious stigma and are often not taken seriously. Sexual assault is still a prevalent issue no matter who the victim is, but exploring the effects it has on a male victim and how those around him react will be fascinating in it’s own way. No matter what happens, Tyler definitely needs to get professional help – and the quicker the better.