Supernatural Season 13 available on Netflix today

If you were waiting for Netflix to get Supernatural Season 13 to binge-watch, now is your chance. The series dropped on the streaming service today.

We’d already known when it would happen, but it’s always a relief to see the “New Episodes” label on our favorite shows on Netflix. Supernatural Season 13 is now available on Netflix U.S. Other countries will likely get it later if there is already a licensing deal in place. However, there isn’t a licensing deal with all Netflix platforms, unfortunately.

In the U.S., you’ll be able to watch every single episode of the 13th season from today. You’ve got the whole weekend to binge-watch the 23-episode season, going from the Winchesters only just meeting Jack (and not initially trusting him) to that cliffhanger ending that sees the Winchesters apart again–no spoilers on how that happens for those who haven’t caught the whole season yet!

Which episode should you watch first?

Of course, now comes the big question: which episode of Supernatural Season 13 will you watch first on Netflix? There is a lot of debate right now.

Most people will likely start with the premiere. After all, you want to watch the season in order, right? Honestly, I do feel that the first 11 episodes of the season were the strongest of the season, but the finale had its high points.

However, there’s also a push to watch the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot first. This is Episode 10, but you may want to watch Episode 9 first, as it’s technically a two-part backdoor pilot to introduce Kaia. Fans of the spin-off want to make it clear to Netflix that this is a spin-off worth taking and the more people who watch this single episode, the better for this cause.

But in the end, it’s completely up to you! I like watching episodes in order for the first time on Netflix. Then I’ll pick and choose my favorites.

Will you spend the weekend streaming Supernatural Season 13 on Netflix? What episode will you watch first? Share in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 13 is available on Netflix now.