Acheri demons: What are they in Supernatural and what’s the real lore?

Supernatural -- "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two" -- Photo: Michael Courtney / The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two" -- Photo: Michael Courtney / The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Acheri demons were introduced in Supernatural Season 2. They haven’t shown up since, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten. Here’s a look at the show and real lore.

In Supernatural Season 2, Episode 21, a new type of demon was introduced. Taking on the form of a little girl to lure people into a sense of comfort, the Acheri demon was extremely deadly. Sam had clearly either read up on it or had come across on in the past because he instantly knew what they were dealing with.

Like all lore in the series, it is based on real lore. Here’s a look at the twists and turns the show took and what Acheri demons are in real-life legends.

Manifesting without possession

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An important point about these types of demons is that they manifest into things without actually possessing anyone. This is completely different to most other demon lore in the series.

They are often summoned into place and will attack and kill. Ava was the one to summon the demon, using her abilities as one of the Special Children to summon without spells or ingredients.

Very little is actually mentioned about the demons in the show. Their weaknesses are the same as other demons, including salt and iron. Ava has to break the salt line to make sure the demon can get through and Sam uses iron to get rid of it at one point.

Real lore about Acheri demons

The lore for the creatures mostly comes from Indian lore, although some also believe it has roots in Native American lore. There is a lot of confusion on the topic.

In Indian lore, the creature is actually a ghost of a little girl, which would explain why it wouldn’t need to possess in Supernatural. The lore states that the girl will attack young children and make them sick with a disease. The elderly and those with low immune systems die from the disease.

Some believe that tying a red ribbon around the neck will ward the Acheri demon away. It can also be possible to wear anything red to keep the creatures away, as it’s the color they don’t like.

They often look like they have dark or unnatural eyes. In the series, the creature had claws for hands and did have sunken and dark eyes when transformed into its demon form. Real lore also shares that these demons are often referred to as “hill fairies,” as they live in the mountains during the day and only come down at night.

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