4 reasons Supernatural fans should support #SaveShadowhunters

SHADOWHUNTERS - "On Infernal Ground" - Freeform/John Medland -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
SHADOWHUNTERS - "On Infernal Ground" - Freeform/John Medland -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

Multiple fandoms have been hit with cancellation news. Shadowhunters is the latest fandom rallying to save their show. Supernatural fans may find it worthwhile getting involved.

Shadowhunters is just the latest show being hit with cancellation news. While the series will get a two-hour series finale special, fans of the supernatural-esque show are rallying to get Netflix to reconsider its cancellation decision (Freeform wanted to keep it, but Netflix pulled out its support). Supernatural fans may find this is a show worth rallying behind.

There are already many in the SPN Family that watch the series based on the Mortal Instrument books. While it airs on Freeform in the U.S., it’s on Netflix in other countries and considered a “Netflix Original” because of the support. That means it’s available to all! But that’s not part of the reasons Supernatural fans should support #SaveShadowhunters. Here are four legitimate reasons.

It’s aimed at the same audience

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If you love Supernatural (well, because you love the show!), you’ll love Shadowhunters. The series is aimed at the same audience, especially in terms of demographics. This is a Freeform series in the States, which is the young adult network connected to ABC. The CW, which airs SPN, is the young adult network of CBS.

Lilith, Asmodeus, and other characters will sound familiar

You may have heard of fans mention character names like Lilth and Asmodeus. There is certainly a Biblical supernatural nature to this show, similar to your favorite genre series. However, these characters have a different take compared to the Lilith, Asmodeus, and others that you’ve come to know. You’ll find yourself drawn in for new reasons and find a new love-hate relationship.

The whole show is similar to the Winchesters’ series, in the way that it involves demons, magic, and dark, mysterious worlds.

There’s excellent LGBT, people of color, and female representation

One thing many Supernatural fans hate about their series is the lack of good LGBT representation. Season 10 saw the death of the only openly lesbian character, Charlie. Sure, she’s back now but just for how long?

But it’s not just about that. There’s been a serious problem with female and people of color representation on the series. All the series regulars are white males. Only one season saw two females billed as series regulars, but both were white and that was way back in the third season. Since then, women and people of color have really been used as cannon fodder Wayward Sisters attempted to rectify it, but that’s not been picked up.

Shadowhunters is full of strong women, characters of all races, and one of the best LGBT couples ever to grace screens (ship name Malec for those who are curious). If you want a series that treats everyone fairly when it comes to storylines and camera time, this is the show for you.

Supernatural and Shadowhunters crossover could really work

Okay, so the shows are owned by different companies and in real network terms that causes a problem, but just the idea of a crossover works. Supernatural has now introduced the idea of alternate worlds. Why couldn’t the Winchesters, Jack, and Cass find themselves in the Shadow World? What about the Mortel Instrument characters crossing over? It would be interesting to see how these two worlds collide with so many same-named characters.

By the way, Shadowhunters‘ fandom is just as crazily dedicated as the SPN Family, so there’s possible a crossover within there!

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Are you a Shadowhunters fan? Has this just encouraged you to check out a new show while you wait for Supernatural to return? Let us know in the comments below.

The #SaveShadowhunters trend continues on Twitter and other social media.