True and the Rainbow Kingdom Season 2 drops on Netflix this week

Preschoolers around the world rejoice! True and the Rainbow Kingdom Season 2 will drop with 10 new episodes this week.

Look out parents, there’s a new season of True and the Rainbow Kingdom dropping on Netflix. Season 2 will come as two separate titles: True: Magical Friends and True: Wonderful Wishes. Both will drop at the same time and consist of five episodes each. If your house is anything like mine, all 10 of those episodes will be finished by the end of the weekend (and that’s if you’re lucky! It might only take the day!)

The series follows True and her best friend Bartleby the cat. Together they go on adventures to discover and learn while helping the fantastical citizens in their colorful universe of the Rainbow Kingdom. True is the only person who can harness the power of the Wishing Tree’s magic wishes to help the kingdom and she always makes sure she can help.

The idea is to teach children all about empathy and mindfulness, which have become popular themes for preschoolers as we get them ready for the diverse and open world they’re growing up in. At one point in the promo for Magical Friends, True makes it clear that she just loves to help people, and that’s exactly the type of message we want to get across to our children.

The Netflix Originals series has been produced by Guru Studio (the minds behind PAW Patrol) with Pharrell Williams’ i Am Other. The first season was packed with celebrity guest stars and the second season is going to be the same.

Check out the promos for both True: Magical Friends and True: Wonderful Wishes below.

Are you excited to give your preschoolers something else to enjoy on Netflix? What do you love about True? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom Season 2 will drop on June 15 with all-new episodes. 

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