5 reasons PAW Patrol’s Ryder is Iron Man’s son


Photo Credit: Paw Patrol/Nickelodeon, Viacom Image Acquired from Nick Press

Ryder is the genius inventor in PAW Patrol but is he related to a certain Marvel superhero?

PAW Patrol is one of the most popular children’s shows currently on air. Merchandise is everywhere and kids of all ages tune in to see how Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky, Everest, and Tracker will save the day episode after episodes. With Ryder at the helm there’s nothing they can’t do, and that’s because Ryder may secretly be Iron-Man’s son.

The 10-year-old boy doesn’t seem to have any parents. It only makes sense that he has super rich and smart parents, and Iron Man definitely fits the bill. Here’s a look at all the reasons Ryder is the love child of Tony Stark.

#1 He has enough cash for all his inventions

The finances side of things has to come into play first. Ryder seems to have an endless stream of cash to make all his inventions. And those inventions are definitely not cheap. Ryder has vehicles for each of the pups and himself, technology to communicate with his pups, and is able to keep everyone (and thing) fed and watered throughout each episode.

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How else would he afford all this without being the love child of a millionaire? Sure, there are plenty of other millionaires out there but the cash linked to the next reasons make him Tony Stark’s son.

#2 He’s a brilliant inventor

Ryder has created everything for the pups’ needs. He has the pup pad to communicate with all the dogs, no matter where they are. Each pup has their own vehicle (and multiple vehicles now that they need to go underwater). He has his own quad bike, his own truck, and even created the Robo-Dog to do things the pups couldn’t.

Let’s not also forget about the suits. Ryder created suits for every single dog, in a similar way to the creation of the Iron-Man suit(s). Each time the pups have needed an advancement, the 10-year-old has created it as Tony did with each Iron Man suit needs.

Like Tony Stark, Ryder doesn’t let anything stop him from completing his mission. If he can’t do it with what he already has, he’ll just come up with something new.

#3 He’s still just a kid

Anyone can grow up to be a brilliant inventor, right? Well, with enough education a lot of people can. Ryder is different because he’s just a kid. There has to have been someone helping to mold this young genius. Who better than Tony Stark?

Tony could have been around from the very beginning, working behind the scenes. He wanted his son to give back the way he has, and training him from a young age would have done that.

Photo Credit: Paw Patrol/Nickelodeon, Viacom Image Acquired from Nick Press

#4 He saves the town on a daily basis

One of the biggest questions from parents is why the town is so incompetent. Why are all the adults in Paw Patrol constantly relying on a 10-year-old boy and his pups? Well, we’ll overlook that factor and focus on the fact that Ryder saves the town on a daily basis. He is the fire & rescue, the coast guard, the sky patrol, and so much more. He offers everything the town could need.

Where would he get that sense of giving and heroism from? Mixed with the money and inventions, there’s only Iron-Man who fits the bill.

Although there is an interesting theory linking to the incompetence of the town. If Ryder is Tony Stark’s son, did Tony hire the town to create this façade to help train Ryder to be the best superhero leader ever?

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#5 He loves his vest

Tony Stark loves his three-piece suit. Why is this important? Well, Ryder certainly loves his vest. A vest is part of a three-piece suit, which suggests that Ryder is getting style ideas from dear old dad. Ryder doesn’t yet wear the three-piece suit because he’s just a kid. He needs to fit into Adventure Bay  in some way, right?

What do you think? Could Ryder be Iron Man’s son? Share your Paw Patrol theories below.