Big Brother 20 host Julie Chen offers sneak peek in new interview!

Big Brother 20 ratings: July 29 episode numbers impressive for CBS. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 ratings: July 29 episode numbers impressive for CBS. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother host Julie Chen gets us excited about Season 20 even before it debuts, with the BB queen dishing up some sneak peeks in a hot new interview!

Julie Chen is the Big Brother superstar host every season. But now she’s outdone herself with her new CarterMatt interview, by hinting that (drum roll, please) we’re going to be able to watch houseguests from every season during what will mark the 20th anniversary of Big Brother (Okay, thanks for making us feel really old, because we feel as if it was just yesterday that we got addicted to BB Season 1! ).

Julie Chen drops hints that BB Season 20 will be the biggest and best

Here’s exactly what Julie said to help us (and you, of course) climb aboard the Big Brother clue train:

"Because of it being the 20th anniversary, we’re going to see houseguests from all 19 previous seasons throughout the season, and memorable moments from past seasons will be folded into the show."

In classic Chen style, Julie then teased, “You’ll see how.”  In other words: We gotta wait, peeps!

As for this particular group of new houseguests, Chen shared that after watching them in their videos, she’s “excited.” Technically, Julie doesn’t meet any of the guests until after they have been evicted. However, the videos on their own have given her enough information to describe the houseguests as a “great group.”

Julie Chen looks into her BB crystal ball

Each season, Big Brother entertains us by offering twists and turns. Chen pointed out that although “ultimately, you can change up the house and have some intriguing twists, it’s always about the houseguests.” And Julie predicts that this season will be another winner.

However, Chen also admits that every year, her interviews offer the guests a chance to attempt to “curry favor, whether it be with me or the viewers at home.” Some push products, such as a dot-com company, while others want to wish a happy birthday to a relative or try to get Julie to like them with a compliment such as “Julie, you look so pretty tonight.”

But, as always, Chen predicts that while some guests will be “apple-polishers” on air, wait until they forget about the cameras to see “their true colors come out.” Of course, that’s the best part!

Big Brother goodbye message advice

Goodbye messages can play a key role in who wins. Julie has advice for the houseguests, recommending that they deliver those farewells “with humor — and don’t be a phony.” She also shows sensitivity, confessing that she “always feel kind of bad for the person who’s being insulted sitting next to me. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from the minute they walk out with their bag in hand being rejected and evicted.”

And as for Chen’s own future?  Julie promises that she sees herself continuing to host the show 20 years from now. “I can’t let the show go on without me being a part of it. I was there since Season 1!” she gushed.

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Get ready to see Season 20 debut on CBS on Wednesday, June 27 at 8/7c. After the first episode, new episodes will settle into a schedule. Big Brother 20 is set to be broadcast Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 9/8c, and Thursdays at 9/8c. During that first week, the season premiere of Big Brother: After Dark airs on Pop. The new series, Off the Block with Ross and Marissa, also debuts.