Three Dragon Ball Z films are being remastered for a theatrical release


The Dragon Ball franchise has reintegrated itself into mainstream anime with ease, and now ahead of its next film project – three fan favorite DBZ movies are being remastered for theatres.

After the wildly successful conclusion of Dragon Ball Super, fans have been eating up every bit of information about the next Dragon Ball film. Knowing that DBZ has one of the largest anime fan bases, Fathom Events has decided to capitalize on the franchise with the re-release of Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

The three include some of the best action based scenes of the series, which must certainly be a choice to further hype the upcoming untitled movie that is rumored to be released in December of 2018.

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The tickets for the films will be available from Fathom beginning on June 27, with Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan in select theatres on September 15 and 17, and a back to back showing of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn on November 3 and 5. Giving old fans a reminder of the epic series while providing new fans with a taste of old DBZ is a brilliant way to build up the excitement surrounding the first Dragon Ball Super film.

Considering the global success of Dragon Ball (Toei just opened a separate faction dedicated solely to Dragon Ball) it makes perfect sense to see them testing the waters of the franchise with the remastered projects.

From the re-release of films, to the new anime in July or the highly anticipated film in December, there will clearly be no shortage of Dragon Ball anytime soon. It’s a good time to be alive for me and my fellow Dragon Ball fans – am I right?

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