Interview: Britt Baron talks GLOW season 2 and why the show is so special

GLOW -- Photo credit: Erica Parise/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
GLOW -- Photo credit: Erica Parise/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Actress Britt Baron gives Hidden Remote an exclusive look into GLOW season 2 and her character, Justine. She also discusses the show’s importance and her upcoming project.

Break out that spandex because Glow is back. One of Netflix‘s best new series of last year is back for a second season. The comedy series about a group of amateur women wrestlers became a must-watch with its nostalgia-driven exterior and array of captivating characters. The series stars Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron in the main roles but the supporting cast is equally as significant. That also goes for ultimate scene-stealer Justine, played by actress Britt Baron.

Season two of GLOW will focus on the newfound fame following the successful wrestling matches performed for the public. WIth that fame also comes a fan-following, something that most of the girls are not used to. Much of the season two storyline will center on Justine’s relationship with her dad and director, Sam (Maron).

The revelation that Justine was Sam’s daughter was a major twist in the first season but there is much more to explore. We recently spoke with Britt Baron about GLOW season two and what’s in store for Justine and Sam. She also gave us insight into why the series is so important, especially for women.

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Hidden Remote: So the second season of GLOW is quickly approaching. Last season your character Justine was involved in the big twist as she turned out to be Sam’s daughter. Is their father-daughter relationship a big part of season 2?

Britt Baron: I think that’s definitely where most of my storyline in season two kind of lies. Justine is moving in with Sam so a lot of the season you get to explore these two people who both have these big guards up, I would say, big egos for each of them, pretty defensive people. To see them kind of both reach out and figure out how to make this sort of semi-functional father-daughter relationship work is a big part of season two. And I hope fans enjoy it as much I did playing it because they are two really funny, interesting characters who are incredibly similar in a way. To see them navigate this new, awkward, strange relationship is a real joy.

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Hidden Remote: So we saw Justine and Sam start to show a more vulnerable side at the end of last season. Does she start to let her guard down with some of the other girls?

Britt Baron: Yes. Well, in season one she’s hiding her identity essentially and not just from Sam, from all of the girls. In season two, I think you really see a different side of her. Before we started shooting, I had a conversation with Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive, our showrunners and they really stressed me the importance of getting to see Justine as just a kid in season two because she really is. She’s still in high school. So I think there is a totally different side that you get to see her in season two. You get to see her let her guard down. I think I’m allowed to say but maybe another adult person in her life shows up and you get to see her function as a teenage girl. In season one, she is trying to act tough with these other girls. She has this punk-rock exterior, which all of that is still there, but you see a softer, more vulnerable side. I don’t know necessarily with all of the other girls. I wish as Britt Baron that I was interacting with more of the girls *laughs* in season two but maybe that’s for season three.

Hidden Remote: Justine was considered one of the biggest scene-stealers last season, what do you like most about playing the character?

Britt Baron: Oh man, well that’s very nice, first of all, thank you. Gosh, she’s pretty different from who I am, I think inherently. I find that to be the greatest gift of all. I wanted to be an actor to play different characters. I don’t have that much interest in playing a version of myself. Being able to create this character who is so different, from the way that she moves, the way that she dresses, the way that she speaks, I mean all of that is such a joy and a gift as an actor. To be able to stretch myself and create a character so far from who I am as a person is a joy and I think I have really, really felt so grateful to be able to, especially in season two, well season one there was a lot of one-liners *laughs*, but it season two I get a lot more actual scenes. One-on-one scenes, not just big group scenes which were a little daunting. I’m like “alright, let’s step up to the plate,” it’s just me and Marc Maron on set. I love playing this dynamic, interesting, quirky, funny without trying to be funny, smart young woman.

Hidden Remote: So you didn’t get to actually wrestle throughout season 1, will fans see Justine get in the ring this season?

Britt Baron: Gosh *laughs* I don’t know what I’m allowed to say really but um, I’m really hoping one day we get to see Justine in the ring. I love wrestling, I’ve trained with the girls both years. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do in the ring and I’m hoping that at some point, I’m putting it out in the universe, I’m hoping we see her there at some point. I don’t know if in season two or some point in the future. We’ll see, I don’t want to spoil too much. *laughs* I’ll get in trouble!

Hidden Remote: As a fan of the show, who would you like to see Justine face off with, in the ring?

Britt Baron: Oh gosh! Well, any of the girls. The fun part about training, we’re always switching up who we’re wrestling with so I’ve wrestled with all of the girls in training. But gosh, I don’t know, maybe Arthie because of their relationship from season one. You know, these roommates, maybe they can be kind of a tag team. Or Melrose, I love Justine’s relationship with Melrose in season one.  I don’t think fans know this but Beth Morgan, who is our costume designer kind of created this concept that Justine weirdly idolizes Melrose or looks up to her. In the scene where I meet Billy with the pizza, I’m wearing Melrose’s bracelets that Beth decided she let me borrow. So I think it could be fun to see Melrose and Scab go at in the ring. But any of the girls I think would be a fun match.

Hidden Remote: That’s awesome! I think that maybe you should hint that to the writers!

Britt Baron: I know, I hope the writers read this! *laughs*

Hidden Remote: The show has received a ton of positive praise. Were you surprised about the reception considering its a show about amateur women wrestlers or did everyone know from the start that this was something truly special?

Britt Baron: Well I think, it’s so hard when you’re really close to a project because we all thought it was incredibly special but at the same time I’m hyper-aware at the fact that “okay, this is our baby.” Everyone thinks their baby is the prettiest baby *laughs* but I did believe. One of the most exciting parts about being cast in the show was that I felt like this was a show that I would actually watch. I auditioned for so many different types of shows that I would be more than happy to be apart of I didn’t watch all of them. I love Jenji Kohan’s work, I just finished watching a season of Orange is the New Black the day before I got the call that I was cast in GLOW. I think that there is something really special about it. Yes, it’s about wrestling which is kind of a niche market but it’s also about women, what different women go through. I think having women of all different ages and ethnicities and sizes, there’s someone for everyone to relate to which is nice.

Honestly, our writers are so freaking brilliant and the stories are thoughtful and heartfelt all at the same time. I think it’s a smart show that is beautifully shot and edited. I don’t really know any other shows, not with just women ensembles like this, but women who are using their bodies in a way that has nothing to do with sex appeal. It’s about strong women making faces of anguish, it’s not about being sexy, it’s really empowering. It’s a really unique show and maybe that’s what people have reached out to but I have been so joyed about how it has been received. You never really know when you are part of the project. *laughs* You hope for the best you never really know!

GLOW — Photo credit: Erica Parise/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
GLOW — Photo credit: Erica Parise/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Hidden Remote: You sort of brought this up. The series is considered a comedy but it tackles some pretty serious topics. Season 2 reportedly takes on some more timely issues involving gender and race, what do you hope fans take away from the new season?

Britt Baron: Well, I think that’s part of the brilliance of GLOW. I mean, I know this has been out already, but there is this #MeToo moment this season, there was the abortion last season. I think my storyline is very dramatic. Allison Brie turned to me one day on set and said: “you’re in a drama, everyone else is in this crazy, kooky comedy but you’re in a drama.” All of my scenes are intense with Marc [Maron].

I hope the fans can see, with our show being in the ’80s, we’re kind of at a liberty with a filter with everything happening in the ’80s. I hope that fans who are watching the show regardless of their political affiliations or where they stand on different issues, can maybe take something away or learn something. There is a tribalism right now in our nation. It is very my team against your team and I think getting to watch something in the ’80s, people are allowed to put their guard down because it is not as “oh this is some liberal message that is being pushed on me.” It’s something happening in the ’80s and the fact that a lot our scenes in season two resonate to 2018 should be kind alarming, I hope. Things that were happening in the ’80s are still a problem in 2018? You know that is alarming to me.

Hidden Remote: Absolutely.

Britt Baron: Yeah, I hope that people and audience members can learn something if they are able to put their guard down. Strong, female friendships and women who are trying to create their own career and I mean, there are just so many incredible scenes.

Hidden Remote: On a lighter note, did you watch wrestling growing up?

Britt Baron: No, I wasn’t allowed to *laughs* my parents would never allow it. I didn’t even watch an R-rated movie until I was in like ninth grade. So no, I definitely did not watch wrestling growing up. I think my brother and I were wrestling enough on our own. I didn’t know anything about wrestling. I was so happy because I think one of the best parts of our show is the fact we all do our own wrestling. There aren’t stunt doubles. In a show that surrounds wrestling, as actors, we’ve been able to mirror our characters. Most of us having known nothing about wrestling, having never wrestled before. Two years later we can do all of that. We do our own stunts, we go to see wrestling matches. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is our wrestling coach and Mando Guerrero is his uncle, actually trained the original GLOW girls. Through Chavo, he has introduced us to the wrestling world. I have such an incredible amount of respect for what wrestlers do because it is hard work. You can’t be fake flipping yourself onto your back. Nothing about wrestling is fake. No, I was not a fan before but I am now! *laughs*

Hidden Remote: You have a background in theater, do you hope to go back to performing on stage one day?

Britt Baron: I would love to. I was fortunate enough to do two shows at Steppenwolf [Theatre] in Chicago kind of before GLOW. I think theater is, that is my heart and my home and I love it. It’s so different than film acting, there’s no cut so once you start the show it’s like “okay, we’re off, the train has left the station and there’s no stop until we get to the end.” So you live in that story eight times a week which is grueling in a different way. I just love getting to feed off of an audience. I hope that I get to continue doing theater for the rest of my life and career. Whether it’s community or Broadway! *laughs*

Hidden Remote: So after GLOW, you have a role in “Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy”, what can you tell us about that project?

Britt Baron: Oh my gosh, that was, I cannot wait for that project. It is outrageous, hilarious comedy with the producers of Wet Hot American Summer. We actually shot at the same location. It’s kind of a similar vibe for anyone who enjoyed the show or movie. It’s about this camp, I play one of the counselors who is trying to teach jetski stunts but my father who also works at the camp will not allow me. So my trajectory on the show is all the schemes I cook up to try and teach the kids stunts. It’s a really fun and ridiculous hilarious comedy about a jetski camp and a rival canoe camp that opens across the lake that Brian Urlacher, the NFL football players opens. There’s a lot of great guest stars, it’s a real treat and I cannot wait for which will be on Crackle.

Hidden Remote: So are there any characters or actors on GLOW you wish you could share more scenes with, one on one?

Britt Baron: It’s so funny because I am so close to all of the girls outside of GLOW. I realize I haven’t had that much interaction with most of them on-screen. I don’t know, I would love to interact more with Betty Gilpin who is phenomenal and just an unbelievable actress. I’ve spoken one word to her one camera in season two. *laughs* Their characters are so far from each other, it would be a fun experiment to see how that relationship is like. Britney Young who plays Carmen is one of my closest friends outside, I would love to have a scene with her. Really any of the girls. More screen time with the girls would be just a treat for me.

Hidden Remote: What is it like on set when everyone is together? I’d imagine it is a ton of fun.

Britt Baron: It really, really is. I think it’s exactly how everyone imagines it because we genuinely all love each other and we’re all so happy to be a part of this. That creates such an incredible work environment. So many women, not just in front of the camera but women creators, almost all women writers, a ton of women directors, crew members so it’s a really safe and positive environment. We have a group chat that goes off every single day, we’re constantly making up silly songs, and running in and out of each other’s trailers. In season one with our trailers, we called it “GLOW Alley” and there was a big sign. It felt like being back being back in the dorms in college. It’s a joy to go to work.  Most people don’t feel this way when they go to work.

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Hidden Remote: Well that sounds amazing! I am really looking forward to season two, we’ve been waiting so long!

Britt Baron: I know, a full year has gone by but it’s so soon!

Catch Britt Baron when GLOW season two drops Friday, June 29th on Netflix!