Big Brother Season 20 recap: Tyler works Swaggy, the first Power of Veto competition

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, Tyler weighs his options. Six houseguests compete in the first veto competition.

Sam decides to keep her advantage to herself for a hot minute before she runs and tells Tyler. Sam thinks she can trust him, and the fact she has this advantage will give them the opportunity to work together. I love Sam, America loves Sam, but she really doesn’t know how to play this game. You don’t tell the person who put you on the block that you can take yourself off.

Sam does keep the details murky, but she does make it clear that even if she’s evicted, she’s not going anywhere.

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Swaggy C is still angling to get a big threat out of the house on Big Brother. He tries to convince Tyler that no matter who wins the veto, Tyler should take the opportunity to put up Angela. Tyler has no intention of putting up someone in his alliance, so his target is Steve.

Tyler tells Swaggy C he wants to put up Bayleigh as a pawn and tries to recruit Swaggy to convince Bayleigh this is a good idea.

Swaggy knows Bayleigh won’t go for it, and he doesn’t want to risk his girl, so he decides he’s going to play hard for the veto and try to keep Tyler’s nominations the same.

Swaggy feels he has to warn Bayleigh, and he promises her she won’t be on the block come eviction night. Swaggy may not realize he doesn’t yield that kind of power but Bayleigh does. She also knows that even though Swaggy might not like the idea of her going home, he’s in this for the money. At any time, he could look at her and decide she’s a risk to his game.

Faysal’s first Hamazon delivery arrives. Since Faysal is Muslim, he can’t eat pork, so BB gives him a vegetarian option. It takes Faysal hours to consume the entire portion.

The deliveries just keep coming at all hours of day and night, and Faysal is stuck shoving the stuff in his mouth on a constant basis. At one point, Faysal runs to the bathroom and vomits.

Bayleigh goes crying to Tyler, questioning what she did to deserve to go on the block. He promises her that if he puts her up, it isn’t because he wants her to go home, it’s because she’s a pawn. He sees her as the safest bet to stay. Tyler wants Bayleigh to trust him, but she feels like he’s throwing her under the bus. Bayleigh questions why Angela isn’t even an option for him.

Tyler lies and says he’s been told Angela has the secret power, so he can’t risk pissing Angela off.

The time comes to pick players for the veto competition on Big Brother. Sam draws Scottie’s name, Steve gets Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Faysal. Tyler pulls Houseguest’s Choice and picks Swaggy because Tyler knows Swaggy will keep noms the same.

Tyler tells Steve he’s not his target. Tyler hopes if Steve feels safe, he won’t play as hard for the veto. The rumor that Angela has the secret power is gaining traction. Steve wants Tyler to put Angela on the block, forcing her use her advantage. Even if Angela doesn’t have the app, Sam goes home, and they know for sure Angela doesn’t have it. It’s kind of funny nobody suspects Sam might yield the power, and I’m kind of shocked Tyler hasn’t divulged this to anyone in his alliance.

The first veto competition on Big Brother involves five separate challenges. The worst performer in each challenge is eliminated. The last player standing wins the Power of Veto.

The first challenge requires finding three “Like” icons hidden in a container filled with snakes. The players can only grab one icon at a time. This proves to be a piece of cake for Sam who used to chop the heads off the reptiles with hedge trimmers for her snake-hating “Grammy.”

Scottie is eliminated.

The second challenge requires the players to jump into a freezing tub of water and retrieve 10 icons in three minutes. The player with the fewest icons loses.

Swaggy is eliminated.

For stage three, Sam, Tyler, Faysal and Steve must sand on a post while they’re pelted with paint balls. As the game progresses, they must each more forward onto a smaller post. The first player to touch the ground is eliminated.

Steve is eliminated.

Sam, Tyler and Faysal advance to stage four. They must balance a ball and transfer it from their start platform to their scoreboard. The players have five minutes to successfully move 10 balls. To “amp” things up, each of them must wear collars on their arms and legs that emit pre-determined shocks throughout the comp.

Sam is eliminated.

Faysal tells Tyler he’ll keep nominations the same but warns Tyler people in Faysal’s alliance are beginning to question Tyler’s true intentions.

The final challenge involves drinking a bunch of disgusting beverages. That’s really all you need to know.

Tyler agrees to throw the competition, and Faysal wins the Power of Veto. Steve hopes that since he chose Faysal to compete, he’ll take him off the block. Tyler feels good because Faysal promised to keep the nominations the same which means Tyler doesn’t get any more blood on his hands.

Faysal does want to take Steve down but worries Tyler won’t put up Angela.

As the ceremony gets underway, Faysal gets a Hamazon delivery, but it only takes him a few seconds to scarf it down. Way to kill the momentum, Big Brother.

Faysal decides not to use the veto. Steve is disappointed but feels confident he has the numbers to stay. Bayleigh is thrilled not to be a replacement nominee. Sam is bummed to still be in block. She doesn’t want to use her Bonus Life yet, so she plans on pulling some tricks out of her sleeve.

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Will Tyler keep Sam’s secret? How long can Tyler continue to play Swaggy? Will the target on Sam’s back get bigger once the other houseguests learns about her power? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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