Bob’s Burgers: Assessing season 7, its impact and likability


Assessing Bob’s Burgers is getting close to the end but before that, season 7. Full of surprising milestones, it still kept what made the series great.

It’s hard to imagine Bob’s Burgers has been off the air for 2 months. Well, at least no new episodes for 2 months. Regardless, there’s been a lot of exciting news and stuff to look forward to. That being said, it’s time to look at season 7 of Bob’s Burgers and how it managed to make its impact while still staying true to the series.

Each Sunday, I’ll discuss a season, talk about what made the season stand out, some memorable episodes and if I consider it a favorite. As per usual, I’d love to hear feedback from fellow Bob’s Burgers fans including your thoughts on the season, your favorite episode from each season and general thoughts.

Season 7 has a pretty decent amount of milestone, considering how late it came in the series run. The major milestone is the show had its first Mother’s Day and Easter episodes. The show has focused on almost all of the major holidays but skipped over some of the smaller ones.

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Similar to previous seasons, it didn’t focus on one particular character. Each character had their own episodes and a lot of them featured the whole family. As per usual, it kept the humor and formula the same. Personally, I think season 7 was on an entirely different wavelength as it won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Moving onto memorable episodes, there are a ton of memorable episodes. It’s hard to narrow this list down but first is the premiere. “Flu-ouise” once again showed us a more mature Louise along with some great songs, visual effects and a Kuchi Kopi with boobs.

A list of memorable episodes would never be complete without a holiday. This time, it’s “Eggs For Days.” This is the show’s first Easter episode: complete with 2 Easter egg hunts, help from Teddy and jelly bean schnapps. It was a quintessential Easter in the Belcher household.

Surprisingly, “The Laser-inth” is memorable for a unique reason. It focuses on Bob’s past along with showcasing his relationship with Gene. As for the girls, we finally get to see Louise, Linda and Tina have some girl time. It’s such a rare occurrence but worth nothing.

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The last memorable episode is the finale, “Paraders of the Lost Float.” In true Belcher fashion, everything goes wrong but Bob ends up saving the day. In a way, it almost mirrors “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” At its heart, the show focuses on Bob and “Paraders of the Lost Float” makes it all about Bob with glorious results.

Season 7 is definitely a fan favorite. After the hype surrounding season 6, season 7 capitalized on it. The show tried some new things with a lot of success, had great character development but the series never lost its way. Their Emmy win proves just that.

Personally, I love season 7 and consider it one of my favorites. It’s also close to my heart as I covered all of season 7 on Hidden Remote. Each week, I grew to love the show more and more. I’m sure fellow fans can agree with me.

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I love all the episodes mentioned above, but I also enjoy: “There’s No Business Like Mr. Business Business”, “Like Gene for Chocolate,” “Sea Me Now” and “Mom, Lies, and Videotapes.” Season 7 is full of so many great episodes, it’s hard to narrow down only a few faves.

Do you consider Bob’s Burgers season 7 a favorite of yours? What are some of your favorite season 7 episodes?