7 best lines from Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8

SUPERNATURAL -- "A Very Supernatural Christmas" -- Photo Marcel Williams/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "A Very Supernatural Christmas" -- Photo Marcel Williams/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8 is one of the best episodes of the whole series. Here are the seven standout lines.

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8 gave us the first fully holiday-themed episode. “A Very Supernatural Christmas” was everything we needed to end the calendar year and go into our winter hellatus of 2007-2008.

There are lines from this episode that stand out to this day; ones that fans around the world love. It’s time to take a look back at the seven best lines from the Christmas-themed episode.

Santa doesn’t have a brother. There is no Santa.

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Dean has always made it clear that he doesn’t believe in anything good. He knows there are monsters and creatures in the world, but he doesn’t have faith that there are good things too. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but understandable in a way. All he’s seen is evil. And he didn’t get the luxury of a childhood where he got to believe in Santa.

Great. So we’re looking for a pimp Santa. Why the sweets?

Dean really is the one with the best lines in Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8. He’s straight to the point, with questions and comments that we all have at strategic moments. This is one of them. Do we really want to know why this anti-Claus is going to smell like sweets?

No, he’s just kidding. We only came here to watch.

Sam does have one line. He puts his foot in it with an awkward comment about watching. The poor girl playing the elf! While we know he’s keeping an eye on Santa, she thinks, well, I’m sure you can guess!

It was actually the winter solstice festival that was co-opted by the Church and renamed ‘Christmas.’ But I mean, the Yule log, the tree, even Santa’s red suit – that’s all remnants of pagan worship.

Sammy brings the details of the lore yet again. While he does put his foot in it, he continues with the smarts, sharing all he knows about Christmas, Yule Tide, and much more. Oh, and this was to counter that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, which Dean (and a lot of others) believes. Supernatural did its research with this.

Well, the first thing you have to know is we have the coolest dad in the world. He’s a superhero.

I’ve always loved the flashbacks in the series. Getting to see how young Dean looked out for his little brother was sweet. It brings out his personality now; why he’s so protective to this day. However, what’s also telling is the way he looked up to his dad. While disappointed that he didn’t get a childhood, it’s clear in this that he believed his dad was doing the right thing to protect the world. There wasn’t a hint that he was lying.

SUPERNATURAL — “A Very Supernatural Christmas” — Photo Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL — “A Very Supernatural Christmas” — Photo Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

You fudging touch me again and I’ll fudging kill you!

Who doesn’t love this line? With The CW now allowing swearing, the Winchesters’ language has always been toned down. I just loved that it was evil pagan gods that made it clear swearing wasn’t allowed and Dean followed the rules.

Dad lied to me. I want you to have it.

This is a beautiful moment between the brothers. We finally get to know where the amulet came from and why it means so much to Dean. More importantly, we see Sam learn that it’s his brother always looking out for him; always playing Dad. Dean will sacrifice his own happiness to make sure Sam gets the life he wants. It’s no wonder Dean felt betrayed when Sam went off to college.

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What were your favorite lines from Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8? Which ones still stand the test of time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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