Big Brother 20 recap: Is the bromance between Winston and Brett over?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, Brett and Winston fight for their BB lives during the Power of Veto competition. Kaitlyn learns of a plan to get her out of the house.

Winston shows his true colors after the Nomination Ceremony, mumbling to himself that he wants to break Scottie’s face and calling the HOH a “freaking dweeb.” Hey, Winston, it’s just a game, nothing personal. Why does it make me feel worse to know this guy just loves his guns?

Brett’s convinced this is the dumbest game move ever because he’s convinced he or Winston will win the Power of Veto and come off the block. And thanks to the Level Six alliance, they’ve got the votes to keep whoever remains on the block in the house. Brett does tell Scottie he’s not going to fake liking him moving forward.

That charming “mist” that usually surrounds Brett is gone, making Scottie confident he made the right call.

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Kaitlyn has good advice for Winston: distance himself from Brett and start convincing people why he should stay. Yeah, it sucks to do that to a friend, but if Winston really wants to remain in the house, he can’t count on winning the veto. But Winston is putting all his eggs in the veto basket.

Winston’s initial strategy is full-on agro. He decides his best move is to threaten Scottie, stating Scottie’s going home at the next eviction. It’s not a credible threat, and it just makes him a bigger target.

Why does everyone in the BB house think they shouldn’t be put on the block? Scottie isn’t part of Winston’s alliance, so what did he expect?

The alliance formerly known as FOUTTE (specifically Rockstar, Hayleigh and Fessy) are thrilled. It’s the first time on Big Brother 20 someone from their side hasn’t been a target. One of them has to compete in the veto comp, so they can win and keep noms the same. It’s not that imperative. Scottie isn’t going to put one of them up anyway.

Rachel and Winston decide they need to start laying the groundwork for Kaitlyn to go up as a replacement nominee. it’s not a bad idea, since Kaitlyn was the one who sent Steve home and backdoored Swaggy.

In addition to Scottie, Winston and Brett playing for veto, Tyler, Rachel and Rockstar are chosen to compete. This puts Tyler in a bad position, since Scottie wants the nominations to stay the same, but Winston and Brett are part of Tyler’s alliance.

The veto competition proves to be an opportunity to promote the upcoming film, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. The winner of the veto will also get a trip for two to the Greek islands (the backdrop for the movie).

The scene in the backyard on Big Brother looks like a low-budget production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Once the competition starts, each houseguest must grab a hold of a disco ball and spin around fifteen times. Then they have 30 seconds to race across “the party” and start stacking champagne glasses into a tower.

Each player must make it back to their disco ball for another spin before their clock hits zero. If a player fails to return in time, they’re eliminated. But they get one more chance to reenter the competition — by agreeing to become a Have Not for one week.

The first person to complete their tower wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Brett comes within seconds of winning but fails to beat the clock and has to start over. It comes down to Scottie and Rachel. Scottie wins the POV.

What is a Bro to do when he’s lost the POV and is up on the block? If you’re Brett, it’s a ton of push-ups, oh, and some crunches.

Brett and Winston begin their campaign to throw Kaitlyn under the bus. They argue that Scottie is upsetting one side of the house with his nominations, and people are still salty on the other side because of Swaggy’s eviction. What would be a bigger game move than to backdoor Kaitlyn? Scottie can take Brett down, put Kaitlyn up and be good with both sides of the house (according to the Bros).

Then Winston suggests he and Scottie “pretend” to hate each other. Winston offers himself up as a perpetual pawn to create a hidden alliance. Nobody would see it coming. So, Brett and Winston offer Scottie a final-three deal.

Kaitlyn’s “spirit guides” speak to her, and she suspects Winston and Brett are gunning for her. Scottie confirms that Kaitlyn’s intuition is on point. He spills all about the secret meeting to Fessy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Haleigh.

Scottie is all about getting Kaitlyn riled up because the more people on board with his plan to make the house a bro-free zone, the better it is for him.

Kaitlyn confronts Winston and Brett who try to play stupid but have no choice but to come clean. Scottie reveals he told Kaitlyn everything. Kaitlyn doesn’t get why Brett and Winston would come for her. She also encourages everyone to stick up for themselves if they find out someone is talking about them. Welcome to BB, Kaitlyn. She may have great instincts, but her memory sure does suck. How many people has she lied to and stabbed in the back?

At the Power of Veto meeting, Brett has some kind of mini meltdown, during which he recites some poetry and claims to have a vision that Scottie is supposed to take him off the block.

Scottie chooses not use the POV, telling the Bros they had their shot at safety and blew it. Also, they’ve been “knocking at the Devil’s door” for a little too long, and now they have to answer to him.

Will Sam decide to use her Bonus Life on one of the Bros? If not, this bromance is so over.

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Is Kaitlyn a hypocrite? Will Sam use the Bonus Life? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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