Big Brother Season 20 recap: Evil mastermind Scottie draws a line in the sand

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, Scottie nominates two houseguests for eviction, and the BB App Store opens for the last time.

The superfan who has never known the touch of a woman, Scottie, holds all the power in the house. This is the uber geek’s wet dream to be sure. Scotty also flipped on Swaggy C previously on Big Brother Season 20, counting on the fact that this move will cause paranoia in the house. Scottie wants to work with Bayleigh, Faysal, Haleigh, and Rockstar, but he’s low man on the totem pole. By blaming someone else in the alliance, Scottie thinks he’ll move up the ranks of what’s left of FOUTTE (hopefully, that’s the last time I’ll have to acknowledge the dumbest alliance name ever).

But Scottie underestimates how easy it’s going to be to throw someone else under the bus. Following the HOH competition, Haleigh immediately pulls Rockstar aside, insisting she didn’t flip, and it had to be Scottie. Haleigh swears Rockstar to secrecy.

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Faysal is pissed off that someone lied straight to his face. At least Kaitlyn gave him a heads up when she put his best pal on the block. What Scottie did was cold-hearted.

Rockstar plants the seed that Scottie may be the traitor, but Faysal doesn’t buy it because — wait for it — Scottie showed solidarity by wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt.

Rockstar pushes the idea Scottie could just be an evil genius, but Faysal thinks Haleigh is possibly trying to save her ass because she didn’t win HOH. It’s a little disturbing that Faysal thinks the girl he’s sucked face with is duplicitous but gives Scottie a total pass.

Rockstar figures having Haleigh plead her case face to face with Faysal is the best way to go. Haleigh swears she’s innocent, and Rockstar can’t get over what a mastermind Scottie is (just because he wore a freakin’ Swaggy shirt). Rockstar is also convinced that Scottie isn’t even a virgin. What one has to do with the other I don’t know. It’s not like virginity is an advantage in the BB house. It’s a lie guys use to get pity sex or to get further on The Bachelorette.

Faysal takes his frustration out on Kaitlyn who doesn’t have the greatest track record with honesty on Big Brother, but this time, Kaitlyn’s genuinely clueless. She assumes Scottie voted to keep Swaggy, but Faysal figures since Kaitlyn was HOH, she must have known how the votes were going down. Faysal doesn’t know who to trust, but his side of the house is down two people, and if Scottie isn’t trustworthy, this is a BFD.

Winston and Brett, aka “Bromancers,” have no idea where they stand with Scottie, and Winston fears he may go up again. Brett’s friendship with Winston paints a target on both of their backs, and it’s important that two people from Level Six don’t go on the block.

You’d think this would be enough incentive for the “Bros” to distance themselves, but it isn’t. There’s a montage of Big Brother clips showing how inseparable Brett and Winston are, including showering together. As much as these two genuinely share some seriously homoerotic affection for each other, Winston swears all the “bro-ing out” is strategy. He and Brett want to act like complete “Bro idiots,” and hope everyone overlooks them in the house.

Scottie shares Swaggy’s opinion the houseguests are stuck in a rut. He’s tired of all these cowards. He views the Bros as the biggest threat on the other side of the house and wants to level the playing field.

Scottie plans to ask everyone the same two questions: 1) What happened the week Steve went home? and 2) Who are you most scared of in the house? He doesn’t care about their actual answers, Scottie’s going to say the Bros, building his case to target Winston and Brett.

Scottie’s a bit too into this. You don’t have to build a case. This is Big Brother, getting everyone out is the game. The idea that there has to be a justification is one I’ve never understood. If someone isn’t part of your alliance (and in Scottie’s case, even if they are), that’s all the excuse you need. Truthfully, Big Brother is kind of like life — you come in alone, and you go out alone.

Things don’t necessarily go as planned. Getting vengeance for Steve is ridiculous. Nobody cares or cared about Steve except for Scottie. There was absolutely nothing personal about that vote. Tyler put up two people he thought were expendable, and one of them happened to be Scottie’s short-lived bromance.

As far as threats, the houseguests are pretty tight-lipped. Nobody wants to show Scottie their hand (except Rockstar) because Scottie is a wild card.

It’s up to Tyler to work his magic to try to save Level Six by stating Rockstar has been telling Kaitlyn Scottie was the swing vote for Steve. Tyler tries to put a target on Rockstar’s back, knowing full well Kaitlyn was the flipper.

Scottie doesn’t fall for it anyway. He has no intention of going after one of the numbers on “his side.” Tyler can’t push his agenda too much, or it will be obvious he’s working with Winston and Brett.

Sam tells Scottie the only reason she voted out Swaggy is because he didn’t vote to keep her week one while Winston did. But Winston swore to Scottie that he voted to keep Steve (he didn’t). This is all the confirmation Scottie needs that Winston is a liar.

Winston learns his lie to Scottie will likely be the final nail in his coffin. He waited too long to get his story straight with Sam and screwed himself in the process. He’s caught in a lie, and he knows it, and Scottie knows it. Sam had no idea she was supposed to lie, and it’s stupid of Winston to expect Sam to know her A-hole from her armpit when it comes to strategy. He blames Sam for blowing his cover, but Sam had to justify her vote for Winston.

It’s time for Winston to do some damage control. Winston’s story is he lied to Sam, not Steve or Scottie. This is a stupid strategy. Why would Scottie believe someone who admits they’re a liar? It’s all moot anyway. The Bros are going on the block, Scottie’s just trying to make it seem like everyone else’s idea (and failing miserably from what I can tell).

Brett knows Winston is in trouble, so his bold move is to throw Haleigh and Rockstar under the bus, accusing them of trying to convince Kaitlyn to put Scottie on the block during her HOH reign. Just for good measure, Brett promises Scottie safety if he wins HOH.

Scottie acknowledges that Brett is packing some serious charisma, and Scottie is tempted to buy Brett’s BS. Scottie even reconsiders putting Brett on the block.

The BB App Store opens for the last time. This means one more Power App, and one more Crap App is unleashed on the house.

Hayleigh is the least trending houseguest. Her punishment is “Read It!.” Every time Hayleigh hears “To Read or not to read… to read,” she must put on a Shakespeare costume, go to the reading area, stand on a soapbox, and in her best Shakespearean accent, read from the Hamlet book out loud. When she hears “To read or not to read…not to read,” she will stop reading. This punishment continues until she’s completed the entire book.

Bayleigh gets the Power App. Not shocking since her romance with Swaggy was full on display last week. Bayleigh chooses “Identity Theft.” At any point during the first half of the game, she can secretly steal the identity of one HOH at the nomination ceremony. This means she’ll secretly make their nominations. The reigning HOH can’t be nominated and will still control the replacement nominee at the Veto Meeting. This power is no longer in play once eight houseguests remain.

Speaking of secret powers, this is the last week Sam can voluntarily use her Bonus Life. If she doesn’t, whoever gets evicted next week, automatically gets a shot to make it back inside the house. Sam goes to Tyler and Kaycee for advice on what to do. Kaycee sees this as an opportunity to keep Level Six safe.

Scottie nominates Winston and Brett for eviction.  Bad news for the Bros. Scottie points out they are an unbeatable force, particularly Brett’s ridiculous charm.

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Did Scottie make the right move? Is he an evil genius? Should Sam use her Bonus Life? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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