Arrow at SDCC 2018: Everything we learned from the panel

Arrow -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Arrow -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

It’s no surprise to see Arrow at SDCC 2018. The second Arrowverse and third CW DC TV panel of the day took place on July 21 and it was full of juicy details. Here’s all we learned about Arrow Season 7.

We always knew when Arrow Season 7 was confirmed that the cast and showrunners would be at SDCC 2018. There had already been hype during the day from Black Lightning and that continued with Supergirl, as the first Arrowverse panel of the day. Now it was up to Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, and co. to continue that hype with the Arrow panel.

There was certainly plenty that came out of the 45-minute tease of the season, including a two-minute promo. Press had already learned that the seventh season would see Oliver Queen isolated from most of his friends. He’d only get to see one in the first episodes, and the trailer shows that is Diggle. Of course, as the first person to learn Oliver was the Green Arrow (or The Hood as he was back then) Diggle had to be the one visiting him in prison.

Just what can we expect from this season, which does feel a little like a reset–a reset that might mean I can get my husband back into the show? Here’s everything we learned from the Arrow SDCC 2018 panel.

Roy Harper is back but not as you know him

Let’s start with the fact that Colton Haynes is back. After seeing him on last season of American Horror Story, this is certainly welcome. I’ve missed him. Haynes was even at the panel, as he’ll be a series regular this season.

However, while Roy will be back, he’s not going to be the same young boy with a lot of baggage we once knew. That’s all Haynes could say, but there is someone else taking on the role of the vigilante of Star City in the promo. Is this Roy’s new character?

It’s still interesting that Thea Queen isn’t slated to be back yet, so where she is in all this? There are no plans to bring her back yet.

New and returning villains

Roy isn’t the only person back. We know that Diaz will make a return–he has to considering that ending!–but there will be other returning villains. Many are in prison with Oliver, so that doesn’t bode well for them.

There will also be some new villains. New showrunner Beth Schwartz was directly asked if Malcolm Merlyn would return. This is what she had to say:

The new villains will be the Longbow Hunters. Holly Elissa, Michael Jonsson, and Miranda Edwards will play Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer respectively. Red Dart is described as a ruthless and precise killer, Kodiak is a man who is a beast and uses brute force, and Silencer is a master of stealth (as the name would suggest!). They will all be recruited by Diaz.

Team Arrow will continue to fight

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Vigilantes may be outlawed, but that’s not stopping Oliver’s team from standing up for what’s right. Dinah, Curtis, and Rene will continue to act as vigilantes this season. The difference is that Dinah will be doing it in a legitimate way. She’s a member of the police force and will fight crime through those channels.

It’s clear from the promo that Rene doesn’t agree with standing back. The question is whether the others will join in.

Will is getting a tough season

If you hoped young Will would get through the season unscathed, think again. It’s going to be the young boy’s toughest season (okay, he’s only had one and a bit so far, so that’s not hard!) and we’ll likely feel for him throughout.

It’s not that surprising. Will’s dad is in prison and Diaz is still somewhere out there.

Amell did share that Will’s arc is going to be the most interesting. That’s exciting to hear.

Some Black Siren backstory?

This may be the season that we get some backstory on Black Siren. Last year, we just didn’t get enough last year. There was a cheer for Paul Blackthorne, who won’t be part of Arrow Season 7.

The promo showed a little of Black Siren and what she’s up to now. It looks like she’s taking over the mayoral position, sharing that there is going to be no vigilantism in Star City. Honestly, just some character development will be good!

Remember the little girl that got Stephen Amell’s necklace?

In case you don’t remember, a young cancer survivor took to the SDCC 2017 panel to ask Stephen Amell for more tweets and encouragement in the fight against cancer. He gave her his necklace, as his mom is a cancer survivor and the young girl touched his heart. There was the request that she remember to bring it back to him this year.

Well, she did! Towards the end of the panel, she brought the necklace back. Amell jumped off the stage to give her a bow as a thank you. It was such a touching moment that has brought tears to my eyes.

That’s it for the panel. Arrow Season 7 certainly looks exciting and here is the trailer to keep the hype going.

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What do you think of Arrow Season 7? What are your thoughts about the trailer? Share in the comments below.

Arrow Season 7 premieres on Oct. 15 at 8/7c on The CW.