History Channel’s Vikings brings the Seer’s Lair to San Diego Comic-Con

Photo credit: History Channel
Photo credit: History Channel /

Fans of History Channel’s Vikings were treated to an immersive, individualized experience at San Diego Comic-Con: a meeting in the Seer’s Lair.

History Channel’s hit drama series Vikings is no stranger to SDCC (snake room anyone?), most remembered for supplying crowds with drinking horns and exclusive comic books. Last year, the series held a formal Viking funeral procession throughout Comic-Con that ended with a traditional waterfront ceremony “featuring a 45-foot replica of a Viking long-ship with pyrotechnic displays”.

This year, Vikings was back on the floor at the San Diego Convention Center with an immersive, individualized activation for guests that involved some Viking magic. They brought a very special guest all the way from late 700s: the famous Seer, who encouraged attendees to ask about their future and fate from inside his lair.

Here is what Vikings’  Seer’s Lair booth looked like from the outside:

History Channel Vikings SDCC
Photo credit: History Channel /

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Signs reading “The Seer Awaits” and “Embrace Your Fate” lured SDCC-goers to check out what was inside, and they were first greeted by a hand through the curtains who waved them in just 1-3 people at a time.

It’s a bit scary to be ushered into a dark tent by yourself where you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the late 700s, but the noble Seer (though a bit creepy) was super lovely to chat with. He allowed you to ask him anything about your future — even whether you’d make it into Hall H for your favorite panel — and then he used rune stones to explain your fate.

The cast of Vikings even got in on the fun, and we hope the Seer obliged and told them of the show’s future in season 5B.

Fans left the tent with knowledge about their fate and a photo of their experience taken inside the tent during their meeting, because everyone needs a souvenir photo for Instagram, right?

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Vikings returns to History Channel with season 5B on November 28! Did you get a chance to meet with the Seer at SDCC? Let us know what you learned of your fate!