Big Brother 20 recap: Rockstar confronts Kaycee, the houseguests compete for the PoV

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, Rockstar believes Kaycee is the Hacker, leading to a nasty confrontation. The houseguests play in a classic Big Brother veto competition.

The Hacker strikes again on Big Brother. Kaycee takes herself off the block and puts Rockstar up in her place. At this point, Rockstar can’t help but take things personally. She feels like she’s being targeted, and the other houseguests think she’s weak. That could have something to do with the fact she cries at the drop of a hat and never wins anything. Rockstar is a disposable player.

Kaycee chose Rockstar because she’s not a strong player, and Kaycee doesn’t think Rockstar can win the veto. Now Kaycee just has to play it cool and make sure nobody outside of Level Six knows she’s the Hacker.

Someone from Level Six still has to win the veto. If Haleigh or someone from her side of the house wins, they’ll take Rockstar off the block. Kaycee doesn’t want to choose herself to play for the veto, convinced this will confirm she’s the Hacker. Her best bet is to pick Tyler. This is the perfect scenario for Tyler. If he wins the veto, he can keep himself off the block the old-fashioned way and keep his Power App.

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Haleigh does not want to see Rockstar go home during her HoH, and she hopes she can still execute her plan to backdoor Tyler.

Sam is still struggling in the house. She considers Tyler her BFF in the house, but she’s beginning to think he’s not genuine. Tyler has been keeping a lot from Sam, so he does what he can to keep things cool with her because he doesn’t want Sam to out his game, specifically his Power App.

Tyler knows Haleigh is upset about the nominations, and he wants to make sure she doesn’t think he’s the Hacker. Ty wants to stay on the HoH’s good side. He’s working every angle.

Haleigh tells Tyler everyone thinks Kaycee is the Hacker. Haleigh thinks Kaycee will pick herself to play in the veto, so she can take Angela down. Haleigh tells Tyler she needs to win HoH, so she can put noms back the way they were. She’s not giving any indication she plans to backdoor him.

Why would she, and why does he keep expecting her to? Tyler already knows Haleigh wants him out, and she knows he knows, so why do they keep dancing around it, you know?

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Rockstar stomps around the house with a crappy attitude — not that anyone could blame her. Rockstar isn’t 100 percent sure Kaycee is the Hacker, but she’s holding at about 75 percent. Kaycee hasn’t spoken to Rockstar since she came off the block and has been walking around “real comfortable.” Rockstar is tired of Kaycee’s shady ways.

Rockstar confronts Kaycee who, of course, denies being the Hacker. Kaycee really puts on a good show, swearing if one more person asks if she’s the Hacker, she’ll blow up. Rockstar has no proof, and Kaycee getting pulled off the block doesn’t mean anything (even though it does). Scottie came off the block last week, and he wasn’t the Hacker.

The two argue about how they’re both “grown-ass women,” and it boils down to Rockstar is super salty to be up again, and she’s lashing out. Normally, this would make her look bad, but she happens to be right. Good for us viewers, bad for her in the house. It’s all speculation at this point.

Rockstar thinks the Hacker putting her up is a “bitch-ass move.” It is. Rockstar isn’t a threat, so why not go big or go home by nominating Faysal. He’s not proving to be much of a threat either, but he’s more of one than Rockstar.

As usual, the veto comp is everything. Haleigh, Rockstar, Angela, Tyler (chosen by Kaycee), Fessy and Kaycee (chosen by Angela) will all play. It’s three against three, and whoever loses, will lose a number this week.

It’s time for OTEV! We all know how OTEV works. Each round, OTEV gives a clue, and the players have to find the answer(s) which are buried somewhere in the backyard. This includes digging through mud, water and bushes. The last player to return to the starting platform is eliminated. A wrong answer means a disqualification as well.

Each round, there’s one less spot, until it comes down to the two final players. Whoever makes it back with the correct answer first, wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Round one — Kaycee is eliminated.

Round two — Angela is eliminated.

Round three — Faysal is eliminated.

Round four — Tyler brings back the wrong answer, but Rockstar accidentally gives him a heads up. Tyler has enough time to head back out and get the right card. Haleigh is eliminated.

It comes down to Tyler and Rockstar in the fifth and final round. Rockstar makes it back first.

Unfortunately, Rockstar’s answer is incorrect. Tyler wins the PoV. Rockstar feels Tyler owes her safety because she was stupid enough to compare answers.

Haleigh assumes Tyler will use the veto to save Angela. Haleigh needs to pick a bigger target than Rockstar to put on the block. She just doesn’t know who.

At the Veto Ceremony, Tyler acknowledges that Haleigh wants him to use the veto to save Rockstar. But because Haleigh made so many moves against Tyler when Angela was HoH, Tyler doesn’t feel obligated to give Haleigh her way.

Tyler uses the veto on Angela. Haleigh puts Kaycee back on the block.

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