8 best lines from the Supernatural Season 4 premiere

SUPERNATURAL -- "Lazurus Rising" -- Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Lazurus Rising" -- Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

We all know THE best line of the episode, but there are some other great ones. Here’s a look at my eight favorite lines from the Supernatural Season 4 premiere.

With the introduction of angels–more specifically, Castiel–there is always going to be one particular line that stands out from the Supernatural Season 4 premiere. You know the one I’m talking about and yes it definitely features in this list.

However, there are some other awesome lines from this particular episode. A lot of them are definitely from Sam and Dean, but you’ll also see Castiel and Ruby show up. Here are the eight best lines from Supernatural Season 4, Episode 1, titled “Lazarus Rising.”

I know, I should look like a Thriller video reject.

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Bobby wasn’t ready to see Dean back. I love the first scene between Bobby and Dean, seeing Bobby do everything he needs to so he can make sure that this is really Dean and not some demon. Then it comes onto how Dean’s body is perfectly fine. We’d already seen Dean look at himself in the mirror to see no scars, and the comment about the Thriller video was perfect.

So are you two like… together?

Who didn’t laugh at this line? Ruby, who is posing as some other girl that Sam pretends to forget, sees the way Sam and Dean hug it out when Sam realizes that Dean is really, well, Dean. You can tell she’s put out that Dean is back–likely angry that somehow he’s been raised from the dead–but she can’t act on it just yet.

SUPERNATURAL — “Lazurus Rising” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov — Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL — “Lazurus Rising” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov — Acquired via CW TV PR /

That’s not funny, Sam. To bring me back. What’d it cost? Was it just your soul, or was it something worse?

I’d really like to know what the “something worse” is, but this line is still one that’s important for the whole episode. Dean was certain that Sam was the one to bring him back. Knowing the lengths that Sam was going to in order to save Dean in Supernatural Season 3, it was clear to him that only Sam could do something to make sure Dean was out of Hell.

You were rotting in Hell for months. For months, and I couldn’t stop it. So I’m sorry it wasn’t me, all right? Dean, I’m sorry.

There is much more to this line in the Supernatural Season 4 premiere, but it’s the ending that gets me. And the delivery. Jared Padalecki gets the tone of it perfect. While we do find out that he’s been working with Ruby this whole time, we know that he wouldn’t just leave his brother to rot without doing anything.

However, what’s important is that Sam feels like he’s failed. Someone else has brought Dean back from the dead, and he feels like he’s let his brother down that he wasn’t the one to do it.

Supernatural Season 4
SUPERNATURAL — “Lazurus Rising” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov — Acquired via CW TV PR /

You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up.

You just knew that Sam would do something to Baby. For most cars, adding an iPod jack is a normal thing. We have jacks for our phones for our car. But our car isn’t Baby. Other cars aren’t Baby. I just love Dean’s opinion on what Sam had done.

I like to think it’s because of my perky nipples.

Many likely worried when Dean first came back. I know I did. I worried that Dean wouldn’t quite be Dean. However, this line in the Supernatural Season 4 premiere made it clear that the real Dean was back. Humor is his defensive strategy.

Supernatural Season 4, Episode 1
SUPERNATURAL — “Lazurus Rising” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov — Acquired via CW TV PR /

I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

And here it is. The line that you were all waiting for, right? Throughout the episode, we learn that Castiel is the one responsible for Dean to return. It’s in this moment that Cass officially confirms it in his matter-of-fact way. A perfect introduction for the character.

Because we have work for you.

This is my last favorite line. It stands out purely because it echoes the line from the Supernatural pilot years earlier. As Sam is looking down at the trunk, he tells Dean that they have work to do. The line is used at a later date, too.

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What were your favorite lines from the Supernatural Season 4 premiere? Why do they stand out for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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