Bob’s Burgers: Will the movie wrap up the series in 2020?


With plans for a Bob’s Burgers movie in 2020, it’s valid to wonder if the movie will cap off the series or if it will only help to build it up even more.

Unlike the comedies airing before and after it, Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom without any of the risque humor.  Despite a lack of fanfare around the show, it’s become a sleeper hit for the network. So much so that the network has green-lit a film to be released in 2020.

Since the news of the film broke, there has been a million questions. Most have been about the plot/content of the film. So far, we don’t know much about it besides a few vague plot points mentioned at Comic-Con or by Loren Bouchard. With the film still two years away, could Bob’s Burgers be on the verge of ending?

The case can be made for both sides since the show could be looking to get bigger while it also could end. First up, let’s talk about how a movie could help the show grow even larger. Most people who watch Bob’s Burgers usually just stumbled upon it on TV and enjoyed it. For those who don’t have cable, there’s no way to do that unless they have Hulu.

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Releasing a film brings Bob’s Burgers to the masses. People might have cable but they still go to the movies. Another tidbit worth mentioning is Bouchard’s intention to make the show accessible to fans and non-fans alike. Basically, you won’t have to watch the show before to see the movie.

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Another way to broaden the show is releasing movie merchandise. Movies are a great excuse to release new and unique merchandise. Non-fans might notice something and end up checking out the movie and series. It’s a win-win for Fox as they’ll still be gaining revenue.

Money plays a huge factor, but the main reason is the film can be a jumping off point for the series. Basically, plot lines in the film can be explored on the show. It’s a good way to reinvigorate the series. More than likely, the show will be in its 11th season so a tune-up is always beneficial.

Looking at the other side of the coin, there are multiple reasons why a film could end the series. As previously mentioned, Bob’s Burgers is smack-dab between The Simpsons and Family Guy. Both series have gone on for long enough and Bob’s Burgers could be first to break the mold, ending when the film does.

Considering how vague the cast and crew are being, it could be because they know the series is ending. It’s a reach but ending the series on the big screen could have been their plan all along. A lot of series including Gravity Falls and Breaking Bad have been planned out from the beginning. The same could be true for the Belchers.

As noted by Loren Bouchard on Twitter, Bob’s Burgers is set before the Belchers, Teddy or any of the other characters get a “happy ending.” In the movie, we could end up getting a taste of that or even, a flash-forward. Hopefully, the ending will be satisfying.

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Regardless of what they decide to do, a Bob’s Burgers film is still exciting. It could end the series or it could not. Either way, it’s a testament to the longevity of the series and its fans. Personally, I’d love to see the series go on forever but if it wrapped up with a movie, I’d be happy.

Do you think the Bob’s Burgers movie will be the end of the series or will it continue on for at least a few more seasons? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Bob’s Burgers premieres Sunday, September 30th on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.