Fear The Walking Dead recap, season 4 episode 12: Weak

Tonya Pinkins as Filthy Woman - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Tonya Pinkins as Filthy Woman - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

On the latest Fear The Walking Dead, the storm’s aftermath was explored yet again, this time on June and Althea’s end. They managed to wait out the storm but wound up in a desert with no gas and Al falling ill.

In Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12, Morgan attempts to reunite with his friends from Texas again. He uses the walkie-talkies to reach June, but the signal is faint. Morgan can’t tell who’s on the other end but ventures out to find the person answering his call. The problem is that the task is much more difficult than anticipated.

Back in June and Al’s corner of the woods, they receive Morgan’s call and attempt to answer. But in the midst of their message, June is interrupted by someone driving by in Al’s truck. They left it without any gas so it seemed like no one would bother with it. Unfortunately, someone did come along and gassed it up themselves.

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When Al witnesses someone driving her truck, she steps on the gas and chases after them. Al closes in on the truck then blows a tire out maneuvering around an object in the road. They’re uninjured in the stop but Al and June wind up stuck in the middle of the road.

Meanwhile, Morgan resumed his search for the mystery caller. He wanders a bit until he encounters a new survivor—the strange woman from last week’s episode. The unidentified survivor is digging through one of the supply boxes that Morgan left when he happens upon her. She doesn’t seem startled by his presence or even the slightest bit cautious, which is a bit troubling. One would expect a wandering survivor to be cautious about random people, but she seemed rather comfortable the entire time.

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After Morgan walks away, the mystery woman does something quite sinister to one of the water bottles in the box. Instead of leaving the supplies as is, she starts pouring water from a pool on the floor into an already filled bottle. There’s no telling if the water is infected with something but she’s clearly up to no good.

On June’s end, she begins fixing the flat tire when gunfire from Al’s truck can be heard close by. June ignores the sounds and continues with the repairs. Al overhears it too and insists that June go find the truck. She hesitates for a moment then complies.

Not far up the road, June finds the truck and the person who took it. He ambushes June with an intent to execute her. The survivor is going to shoot when June wrestles his gun from him. June is tempted to end his life but shows mercy, allowing the man to escape.

Once she’s done with the cowardly survivor, June searches Al’s truck for the medicine she had stored. June examines every cabinet in the truck but discovers nothing. She calls over to Al on the radio but learns there’s no medicine on the truck. June returns to Al and she’s furious with her.

Having gone through such an ordeal, June demands answers. With no other choice, Al reveals the truck holds more sentimental value than she previously led on. She explains why she can’t depart with the vehicle, but before they can finish talking, Morgan’s voice comes on the radio again.

While June still can’t contact him, she’s competent enough to discern Morgan’s location. June maps out the coordinates and starts driving towards him. Al, however, isn’t ready to leave.

Aaron Stanford as Jim, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Al insists she won’t abandon the armored truck, so she winds up leaving herself. June is about to drive away when Al calls her back. The two of them then drive towards Morgan’s location together.

On Morgan’s end, he and the grifters are about to leave when a truck pulls up behind them. June and Althea walk out and they’re reunited with Morgan. June asks Morgan of John’s whereabouts, but he’s still searching for him too.

Disappointed John isn’t with Morgan, June reaches out to the guy who ambushed her earlier in the Fear the Walking Dead episode. She uses the radio to contact him, and he picks up. The man introduces himself as Quinn then makes an attempt to reach June and the gang.

Quinn promptly gets to the mile marker that June tells him about but they’re not there. Quinn continues looking around and then notices there’s something funny about the mile marker sign. He inspects the sign and sees someone used a piece of tape to cause the number to look different. Quinn is about to inform June of the trick when he himself is ambushed.

The mystery woman who Morgan ran into found Quinn then used a walker to kill him. Quinn doesn’t have enough time to respond, and he’s subsequently mauled to death by the walker. The mystery woman then proceeds to haul the deceased Quinn into Al’s armored truck and writes the good samaritan motto on his face. The episode closes out shortly after with the mystery woman smiling menacingly as she prepares to follow Morgan and the others in Al’s truck.

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Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Season 4, Episode 13: Blackjack airs on September 9, 2018.