Fear The Walking Dead recap: Season 4, episode 14 MM 54

Tonya Pinkins as Martha/Filthy Woman- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Tonya Pinkins as Martha/Filthy Woman- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

On the latest Fear The Walking Dead, the mysterious character played by Tonya Pinkens finally became a bit more transparent. Flashbacks into her past depicted how she came to be and what made her insane.

Season 4, episode 14 of Fear The Walking Dead starts off with a flashback scene of Tonya Pinkens’ character before she became filthy. The scene depicts Martha (Tonya Pinkens) dealing with the aftermath of a nasty car accident, one where her husband was fatally injured. Martha keeps Jeremy company, hoping that someone will come along to help. She sees multiple cars drive by, but no one stops. In the end, Jeremy dies and Martha is left alone to grieve.

Throughout this grieving process, Martha slowly loses her sanity. A montage of shots depicts her exploring the complex emotions of dealing with grief, but in an unhealthy manner. She’s talking to herself, pacing in a maniacal fashion, and obsessing over minuscule details, all signs pointing to a person going insane.

The next day, a familiar looking truck pulls up. It’s one of the delivery trucks dropping off supplies to mile markers. Stevie, the driver is making a stop when Martha walks up from behind. She offers Martha supplies and whatever else she can help with, but Stevie gets a spear to the throat as thanks. Martha then proceeds to track down the other trucks making deliveries, executing those drivers as well. She makes her way through quite an assortment of drivers, killing her way to “Polar Bear” which is when she hears Morgan’s voice over the radio.

In the present day, Morgan and the others are picking themselves up after Martha opened fire on them. In the previous episode, it appeared as if she’d killed everyone in the front cab but they all managed to survive. The truck, however, isn’t in working condition anymore.

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By the time Filthy Woman stops shooting, the big-rig has crashed on the side of the road. The survivors inside managed to avoid serious injury but the crash is just the start of their troubles.

Outside of the crashed truck, Morgan and his friends find Martha exiting Al’s tank. She pulls a gun on them but Wendell gets the jump on her. Wendell raises his shotgun and pumps a round into Martha’s shoulder, but she’s barely affected by it.

During this small confrontation, Polar Bear’s truck explodes. The explosion attracts tons of walkers, forcing the survivors to continue on by foot. Martha sneaks away during the commotion, absconding yet again in Althea’s tank.

Not long after, Alicia and Charlie come across the fiery scene left in Martha’s wake. They find the broken walkie-talkies and the rubble left behind. Alicia doesn’t know what to make of the scene but decides to travel in a different direction.

Back on Morgan’s end, he and the other survivors find themselves trailed by a horde of walkers. The horde’s size only seems to be increasing and their pace doesn’t slow down one bit. They’re able to stay out of reach but dragging Wendell along for the ride proves difficult.

Eventually, the group reaches a hospital they assume is safe. They take shelter inside in an effort to elude the walkers outside but the zombies follow regardless. Morgan sees more and more walking towards the building as if compelled to join in the coming onslaught. Of course, Morgan isn’t going to let these monsters end his life just yet.

Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Despite the massive horde outside, Morgan continues reinforcing the door with more shelving and whatever else he can find. He keeps piling things on until the wall finally gives way, breaking in front of him. Morgan is then forced to retreat further into the hospital.

Once the dead are inside, Morgan and the others have to move farther up into the hospital. They reach each level of the building but they all appear to be infested with walkers. Morgan’s group then has no choice but to head towards the roof. But to do that, they need to get power back to the elevators. The task requires a bit of finagling but Althea figures out how to get the generators back on.

On the roof, the survivors relish in a small moment of rest. There aren’t any walkers on the roof and everyone made it onto the roof safely. However, upon closer inspection of Jim’s injury, it turns out to be a walker bite that happened during his tussle with a walker in the lower levels.

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Back on Alicia and Charlie’s mission to find their friends, they come across a body of water that isn’t located on any map. This development puzzles them and then they find John’s hat floating in the water. The hat appears to be a sign of John’s corpse nearby but they can see him sitting on a nearby shore, giving Alicia and Charlie some hope for the future.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Season 4, episode 15, “I Lose People,” premieres on September 23, 2018.