NCIS: New Orleans season 5: My biggest hopes for this season


The fifth season of NCIS: New Orleans premieres today on CBS. Here is what I would like to see on the show this season.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 will air tonight (watch it here). First of all, I have watched every NCIS: New Orleans episode. When the series premiered, I lived in Philadelphia. That night, I watched the 12th season premiere of NCIS. Rather than change the channel, I watched the next CBS show, NCIS: New Orleans.

Seemingly from that point on, I was hooked on the show. When my family and I visited New Orleans, we visited the bar which serves as the filming location for Dwayne Pride’s bar.

The last scene of the most recent NCIS: New Orleans episode saw Dwayne Pride shot by Amelia Parsons. According to the premiere synopsis, Pride fights for his life while the team searches the city to capture the villain. Rest assured, Dwayne Pride will live. Scott Bakula is just as vital to this show as Mark Harmon is to NCIS.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS -- "See You Soon" -- Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS: NEW ORLEANS — “See You Soon” — Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

The challenge for the rest of his team will be to capture Parsons to conclude the storyline which ultimately began with the former Mayor Hamilton. While there will be lingering effects from the premier episode, I hope the complete storyline concludes. Fresh storylines will energize this season. Now, here is what I would like to see for each character of the team.

Dwayne Pride

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I hope we see a change in Dwayne Pride. When Leroy Jethro Gibbs was shot in the NCIS episode “Neverland,” he later mentioned he suffered with the trauma of his life, including being shot. Evidently, he has recovered, because he seldom discusses his issues. Pride should differ from Gibbs.

Speaking of Gibbs, it would be cool for him to visit New Orleans. Despite being good friends with Dwayne Pride, there is minimal mention of their friendship. Perhaps in either of the holiday episodes, Gibbs or Pride could visit each other. I understand the two shows film in different cities, but at least the two friends could mention each other.

Dwayne Pride has ample stress in his life. He is the lead NCIS agent of the New Orleans field office. He is a father, a mentor, a friend, and bar owner. As a result of the stress, Pride should struggle finding balance in his life.

A component of good leadership is the ability to delegate responsibilities. Pride hired a former veteran to manage the bar. Please bring back that actor to show Pride has delegated some of his responsibilities. The same principle to how Pride handles his team. They should take on more responsibilities. After all, he trained them well. I prescribe Dwayne Pride relaxation as he recovers from his injuries.

Chris Lasalle

Primarily, I hope Chris Lasalle either sells his family’s business or hires someone to oversee the business. While it is good to see families of the team, Alabama is a good distance away from New Orleans so the storyline isn’t believable. Although this is a TV show, outlandish storylines never improve the series.

Next, Lasalle seemed somewhat distraught following Sonja Percy’s departure. While he doesn’t need a girlfriend, Lasalle definitely should spend time with his friends. Lasalle has been in New Orleans since before Hurricane Katrina. He knows many people in New Orleans.

Not only would his friendships show a different side to him, they showcase the beauty of New Orleans. I recommend Chris Lasalle to reconnect with his friends, which will make him happier in his professional life.

Professionally, perhaps the writers could explore if Chris Lasalle is ready to lead his own NCIS team. In the fourth season of NCIS, Director Jenny Shepard offered Tony DiNozzo his own team. This is the fifth season of NCIS: New Orleans. Perhaps Leon Vance, or Gibbs as the acting director, will offer Lasalle a lead NCIS position. There would be a neat secondary storyline for at least an episode.

Sebastian Lund

As the probie of the team, Sebastian Lund seems to have found his place on the team. He already knew the team from his time in the lab, but he has bonded with Gregorio and Lasalle. At the conclusion of an episode, he and Lasalle headed off to eat together.

Last season, Sebastian also killed someone for the first time. Although it was a good shoot, it definitely revealed Sebastian’s lack of experience.

Sebastian should spend more time bonding with his fellow team members. He could lean on them for insight, and they will develop further trust. Any good team, regardless of the field, needs to trust each other.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS -- "Legacy" -- Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
NCIS: NEW ORLEANS — “Legacy” — Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Lastly, if there is one team member who could develop a romantic relationship, Sebastian is a perfect candidate. In addition to his inexperience in the field, he is goofy, caring, and intelligent. Watching Sebastian flirt with someone would add all kinds of hilarity which add to the fun-loving nature of the show.

Tammy Gregorio

Although she is not the head agent, Tammy Gregorio has leadership skills. Her time in the FBI taught her well as a profiler, she is a talented sharpshooter, and she has no problem standing up to Pride.

Unlike Percy, Gregorio knows how and when to stand up to Pride. I think Pride respects her more for that. As Pride should delegate, she should step up and assure him the team can handle their jobs. One aspect of Gregorio I particularly enjoy is her relationship with Sebastian Lund.

They bonded well as partners last season. Tammy Gregorio views Sebastian as a little brother whereas he views her as a mentor. He has relied on her for advice and she has watched out for him. They respond to each other almost like siblings. Adding to my suggestion for Sebastian ending up in a relationship would be the concept of him asking for Gregorio for advice on women. As a lesbian, it would be unique dialogue, which if done carefully could bring CBS good publicity rather than unwanted attention.

Dr. Loretta Wade

In the family atmosphere of NCIS: New Orleans, Loretta Wade is the matriarch. Not only does she care for the team when they are wounded, but she also dishes out motherly advice. She has no qualms about speaking her mind to anyone. Whether it is her longtime colleague Pride, her lab assistant Sebastian, the mayor, or anyone, Loretta Wade speaks the cold hard truth. Scenes with her adopted sons are noteworthy because they well depict a mother-son relationship.

I mentioned both the current mayor and former Mayor Hamilton. When Mayor Hamilton was in charge, Pride dealt with him. Through the course of the show, their relationship altered from begrudgingly getting along to rivals. The show has already developed a different relationship with the team and the current mayor, Mayor Taylor.

When the team needs to speak to Mayor Taylor, Wade is their go-to person. She understands the perspective of the mayor, but she also knows how to properly engage the mayor. Watching that dynamic develop further this season adds to the realism of the show. In reality, law enforcement agencies work together and they deal with government officials on a regular basis.

Guest stars

I shine the final spotlight on the guest stars. A key strength of NCIS: New Orleans is the guest stars. Tom Arnold starring as Pride’s friend Elvis Bertrand, Derek Webster as FBI Agent Raymond Isler, & deceased police chief Captain Estes, portrayed by Matt Servitto. Law enforcement agencies cooperate, sharing intel, handling cases together, etc.

When the NCIS: New Orleans team works with other agencies, they cannot follow their own routine. Plus, it breaks up the partner pairings. I hope this season of NCIS: New Orleans sees the return of many of our favorite guests.

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These are a few of my thoughts for the upcoming season. I hope to provide further insights into the show as this season progresses. I invite you to join me on this journey. Let’s enjoy our beloved show together and talk about it here at the Hidden Remote.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.