Survivor: David vs. Goliath recap: Tribal harmony surpasses tribal lines

SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Survivor: David vs. Goliath, the tribes endure extreme weather conditions and compete in their first Reward Challenge. Natalie’s attitude continues to annoy her tribemates.

Following Tribal Council on Survivor, Kara is reeling from Alec’s blindside. She thinks it is way too early to be making such a big move. Alec’s decision to backstab Natalia puts him in good standing with the Davids but leaves Kara out in the cold. She’s got to find a way to get in with the Davids, which means some serious scrambling.

The biggest threat this season is the weather. The players notice conditions deteriorating and are evacuated when a cyclone bears down on the islands. Everybody’s a David when it comes to Mother Nature.

When the tribes return to their respective camps, they have to deal with a lot of destruction and some rebuilding. Not exactly a morale builder.

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The Chicken or the Eggs

The timing couldn’t be better for the season’s first Reward Challenge. Tiva and Jabeni are visibly shocked to see Natalia’s been voted out of Vuku.

The goal of the challenge is to use a slingshot to land sandbags in two targets. The first tribe to finish gets four chickens and a rooster. The second tribe receives a dozen eggs. The last place tribe leaves empty-handed and heads back to their decimated camp to rebuild.

Vuku comes in first, Jabeni second, and Tiva third.

Alec’s betrayal leaves Kara with no choice but go on a charm offensive. She chats up every David, swearing she trusts them more than Alec. Elizabeth wants to believe Kara, but she senses Kara would still rather work with the Goliaths than the Davids — a feeling Elizabeth doesn’t get when talking to Alec.

Because Alec betrayed his alliance, he’s going to need the Davids moving forward far more than Kara does. Let’s just say, things are not currently looking good for Kara.

Leave it to Natalie to mess up a good thing. She has very strong opinions about everything, including what to do with the eggs. Natalie wants to cook all the eggs, but Lyrsa disagrees.

Mike, who has had to endure Natalie for even longer, is tired of her “hijinks.” Whenever there’s a big decision to be made, Natalie’s voice is always the loudest and the most intractable. She just can’t stop painting a target on her own back.

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The Three “Brochachos”

At the Tiva camp, Christian is full-on a member of the Brochachos, along with Alpha males Dan and John. This leaves poor Gabby out in the cold and on the chopping block. Dan wants to make sure Gabby doesn’t get her hands on an idol, so he goes searching for one himself — new island, new idol.

Dan doesn’t locate the Immunity Idol, but he does find a clue to its whereabouts. Dan will have the opportunity to grab an idol at the next challenge.

The Immunity Challenge is another obstacle course that ends with a maze. Nothing of note about this except Natalie proves to be a liability once again, and the idol Dan seeks is tucked away at Tiva’s final station.

While all the players are distracted by the task at hand, Dan is easily able to stick the idol down his shorts undetected. Vuku and Tiva win immunity. Jabeni will face their first Tribal Council.


It seems to be a no-brainer that Lyrsa is getting voted out. Nobody thinks she brings a whole lot to the table. Well, there is one thing. Angelina has her eye on Lyrsa’s jacket. Angelina convinces Natalie to do the dirty work for her and try to secure the jacket from the person they plan to vote out.

Natalie gives Nick two options: he can either steal Lyrsa’s jacket or give up his own. When Nick balks at both of these ideas, Natalie threatens to vote him out.

Nick feels like Natalie is bullying him, and he doesn’t like it. I wouldn’t call it bullying so much as extortion.

Nick and Lyrsa want Natalie gone. Nick thinks he can get Mike to go along. Mike is all for getting rid of Natalie, but he wants to do it in a way that doesn’t put him on the outs with the rest of the Goliaths. He’s leaving it to Nick to get Angelina on board.

Everyone approaches Angelina — except for Natalie — and Angelina realizes she’s reached a pivotal point in her game. It’s not necessarily about the Davids vs. the Goliaths anymore, but who can get you further in the game.

Even though Natalie is a disaster when it comes to comps, and her social game is non-existent, she’s still a Goliath. If they take her out, the Goliaths will be evenly matched with the Davids.

Jackets and eggs

At Tribal Council, Angelina tells Jeff the numbers are critical, and they need to stay “Goliath strong.” Lyrsa points out this strategy is flawed. Natalia already went home, and nobody really knows what’s going on with the other tribes.

Natalie plans to stick with the plan the Goliaths made before they separated. Lyrsa reminds Natalie that the Goliaths viewed her as dispensable in the past, and Natalie realizes she could be in trouble.

Natalie insists she’s never the center of drama in her everyday life, and she’s also being more laid back and collaborative. Mike voices his frustration with the overwhelming sense of disapproval that occurs when things aren’t done the way Natalie wants them done. Nick brings up the jacket conversation, but Natalie doesn’t view her actions as bullying. She considers it a negotiation.

Angelina seems content to let Natalie take the fall until Natalie calls her out. Angelina admits Natalie was acting out of love and concern for her.

Mike understands Angelina’s desire to keep the peace. There’s security in numbers. But he’s also looking towards the next stage of the game when it becomes more about who you vibe with, and who you can trust.

Natalie is voted out of Survivor by a vote of 3-2, Angelina apologizes and gives Natalie a hug. As Natalie’s torch is snuffed out, Angelina repeatedly asks for her jacket, but Natalie refuses to acknowledge Angelina. Tribal Council is cold in more ways than one.

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Did Angelina and Mike made the right move by voting out Natalie on Survivor? Is the Goliath alliance officially done? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS. Tune in to see if the Goliaths continue to implode.