SEAL Team: Kerri Medders discusses the devastating storyline for Emma in Season 2

SEAL TEAM -- Photo: Erik Voake/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SEAL TEAM -- Photo: Erik Voake/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Kerri Medders has delivered every week on SEAL Team Season 2. What was it like preparing for that heavy material and what’s to come next?

SEAL Team fans know that the second season hasn’t been easy viewing. At first, it looked like we’d be dealing with a broken Bravo Team trying to repair the pieces after lies and injuries. And then Episode 3 hit us — and man it hit us hard!

Kerri Medders and David Boreanaz both hit it out of the park during “The Worst of Conditions.” They delivered powerful, emotional, and weighted performances that showed us exactly what they’re capable of. Medders was the one that truly stole the show, bringing to life this teenager who had just lost her mother and was scared of losing her father, too.

It’s certainly no easier than it was but Emma is growing considerably. Medders talks with Hidden Remote exclusively about the preparation for the heartbreaking storyline and what’s to come in the future.

SEAL TEam Kerri Medders
SEAL TEAM — Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Hidden Remote: My heart has been breaking throughout the last episodes of SEAL Team.

Medders: Oh, thank you! Thanks for watching.

HR: I’ve been a huge fan from the pilot episode. But this season has offered so much character development for the non-core characters. At what point did you hear this storyline was happening?

Medders: It was around the first episode before we started shooting. It was already in the works that there was going to be a drastic change this season with my mom. There was something there but we didn’t know until that third episode script. It was like, ‘Okay, this seems real.’

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HR: How did you prepare for that? It couldn’t have been easy.

Medder: No, it wasn’t easy at all. I think I just thought about…well, it was really heavy. Michaela [McManus] and I had gotten really close in that first season and when they decided to take her out of the show, it made me really emotional. It felt like I was losing someone I was really close to.

So, it wasn’t too hard to find it, because I knew from that point moving forward, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with Michaela as closely as I was used to in the first season.

HR: There’s also the change that you now get more scene with David [Boreanaz]. How has that been working together?

Medders: It’s so lovely. I always say when David and I work together it’s kind of like magic. He always gives me what I need and he’s so talented. I feel like I’m working with the best.
HR: Has he given a lot of pointers to help with the scenes?

Medders: I think so. Initially, when we do out scenes together it naturally flows. When he gives me something, I take it in and what I’m supposed to say next is just natural. It’s been nice and easy working with him. I have learned a lot when we have one on ones together.

HR: And do you get much input into the writing or direction? That funeral scene where you ran over to him and shouted like crazy, there was so much emotion. Did you have any part in that?

Medders: No! I just got the script and was like, ‘Okay, I guess this is what’s going to happen.’ I think it’s always so cool that we get the script right before we shoot and it’s always something new and exciting. I’m always ready to play with Emma.

HR: There’s so much for her in the future now.

Medders: I know, it’s crazy! It makes me think, especially for the rest of the season, what’s going to happen? There’s so much opportunity now. So much has already happened in the beginning.

HR: I know! We’re only on Episode 7!

Medders: Yeah!

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HR: So, you can’t give spoilers, so instead of asking what’s going to happen, I’m going to ask what (in general) you’re looking forward to the fans seeing play out.

Medders: Oh man! I think what would be really cool is seeing Emma grow and becoming a really strong person. I felt like in the last episode she was stepping up and becoming a woman, instead of just being this sassy teenager that’s got a lot of issues. She finally steps into her womanhood.

HR: She’s had to mature so quickly.

Medders: Yeah, she did.

HR: Are you getting more time with Micky and Grandma? Is there more family focus for you?

Medders: I think there will be. I think her brother needs her after what’s happened.

SEAL Team Kerri Medders
SEAL TEAM — Photo: Erik Voake/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

HR: What’s the feedback been like for you?

Medders: Oh, my goodness! The feedback has been so overwhelming. I love it but at the same time I’m like ‘wow!’ So many people are getting to see Emma in a way they didn’t. They get to see the potential I’m bringing to the character.

It’s exciting that people are responding well to it. It’s my art. That’s what I’m doing and people are watching it!

HR: Is it fuelling you forward for the next scenes?

Medders: Yeah, I think so. There are these things that people are saying about Emma showing the military family life and how they connect with it. It’s really inspiring to go on set the next week and put forth all the work.

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HR: What’s been your most favorite moment on set so far?

Medders: Oh man! I think every scene and moment is so unique and individual. There’s always time for something new. I seriously love the one-on-one moments I get with David because I feel like our scenes are really right.

HR: You’ve got brilliant father-daughter chemistry.
Medders: Yeah, and after shooting, after we do a take, I feel like ‘Wow! That felt really right!’

HR: What’s been the most challenge?

Medders: I think definitely Episode 3, because I was just an emotional wreck, especially with something that heavy. I put my earphones in and tune off from the world because I’m trying to stay in this heartbreaking and sad emotion. I think everyone was like ‘hey, where did Kerri go?’ I wasn’t my bubbly self and was shut off. That was the most challenging because it was different to what I’ve done.

HR: One last question for you. If you could do any project in the world, what would that dream role be?

Medders: Oh man, that’s so hard. This is kid of funny because I know it recently came out as a reboot but let’s say it didn’t. When I was really young, what really inspired me to understand and enjoy acting was when I watched Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. I would watch it on repeat as a seven-year-old. I wanted to do that.

I love the fact that it was a woman role and she was strong and could kick butt. There was something about it. I always say I want to be in an action film.

HR: Those doors are certainly open now!

Medders: I know. Maybe. Possibly. Yeah, I’d have to say doing a reboot of something like Tomb Raider. I’m down for it.

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