Survivor: David vs. Goliath recap: The Davids take a spectacular shot

SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Survivor: David vs. Goliath, titled You Get What You Give, Mike has second thoughts about his new alliance. Angelina worries about her future in the game.

After Tribal Council on Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Angelina is forced to do some major damage control. With Elizabeth gone, Angelina is able to play fast and loose with the truth regarding their conversation, insisting Elizabeth followed her into the woods and badgered her for a name.

Nobody believes her, and Angelina would be better off just coming clean. Dan feels like he could respect Angelina’s attempt at making a bold game move if she’d just be honest about it. But all this lying makes her even more untrustworthy.

The force isn’t strong with this one

Christian has named the alliance of six (himself, Mike, Gabby, Alec, Alison, and Nick), “Strike Force.” Their goal is to vote out a Goliath, and while the group as a whole is amenable to voting out Angelina, Christian knows the next vote will be a pivotal test of trust.

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Gabby pitched a bit of a fit at Tribal Council, defending Elizabeth’s efforts to keep the Davids together. Gabby may be part of the Strike Force, but she can’t quite shake her inner David. This worries Mike who thinks Gabby isn’t taking their alliance seriously.

Even though Angelina is in trouble, the Davids still don’t have the numbers. So, Davie and Nick go searching for an Immunity Idol (nobody’s located one since the merge). They stumble across a clue which is a picture of a palm tree coming out of a cliff.

Steal a vote

The men head to the beach where they are joined by Carl. Sure enough, they spot a palm tree that looks suspiciously like the one in the pic they just found. Davie creates a diversion, and Nick retrieves the advantage which allows them to steal a vote from someone at Tribal Council.

Carl confides in Nick that he has his own advantage — the Idol Nullifier. Along with Davie’s Immunity Idol, the Davids have three stones to help them take down at least one Goliath.

The balance of power

For the Reward Challenge, the tribe is divided into two teams of six. Everyone must hold at least one sandbag that is connected to a trough perched over their heads. If a sandbag drops, the trough dumps. The winning six get a dozen pizzas as a reward.

One team consists of Gabby, Christian, John, Alison, Alec, and Nick. The other is composed of Mike, Carl, Kara, Dan, Davie, and Angelina.

Every 15 minutes, one player must drop out and hand over their sandbag(s) to another teammate. Dan gets cocky and drops a bag, costing his team the win.

Back at camp, there’s pizza, soda, and breadsticks waiting for the winning team. Mike realizes that he doesn’t care about rewards. The real drama is staying in the game. His focus is to outlast everyone else, and he begins to weigh his options.

Mike’s having second thoughts about his alliance. He’s worried the Davids will screw him over and take control of the game. Mike discusses with Alec his doubts about voting out Angelina. Mike sees Christian as a huge threat: someone who they’ll regret not voting out sooner rather than later.

Mike mistakenly doesn’t view any of the other Davids as a threat, failing to take into consideration the possibility of Immunity Idols and other advantages.

Alec isn’t certain locking himself in with the Goliaths is best for his game. Mike begins to campaign aggressively with the other Goliaths for Christian to go.

Angelina is annoyed because she rallied to get Christian out first. She sees women being overlooked and undervalued in the game. The plan is to use Angelina as a decoy to blindside Christian, but Angelina isn’t 100 percent down with putting herself at risk.

For the Immunity Challenge, each player must balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy with two handles. If at any point, a player steps off their perch or their buoy drops, they’re out.

The final two standing are Dan and Angelina. Dan wins individual immunity.

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The hot seat

Angelina complains to Dan about being in the hot seat. If an Immunity Idol comes into play, she could definitely go home. Dan swears he’ll save her if that happens,

Dan is no fan of Angelina’s, and he wants her gone, but he knows they need to get a David out first. Dan talks to Alec and Kara, questioning if he should use an Immunity Idol on Angelina if Christian has one. Dan doesn’t want to go above and beyond to keep Angelina around because they’ll still have the numbers.

Alec doesn’t want to lose Nick’s trust, so he gives him a heads up about the impending vote. Nick is surprised to learn that he and Mike aren’t on the same page.

Nick warns Christian they need to ensure his safety. Christian gets nervous since he doesn’t have an Immunity Idol.

It looks like there are some new brochachos in town. Nick asks Davie if he’d use his advantage to save Christian. Davie can’t understand why the Goliaths would target Christian so early but takes it as a sign they’ll pick of the Davids one by one.

Davie doesn’t think the advantage (to steal a vote) is enough to save Christian. Davie knows the only way to keep Christian is to use the Immunity Idol he’s got hidden in his pocket — the one nobody knows about.

Nick considers using the advantage to cause a tie, hoping nobody on the other side will stick their neck out to save Angelina. But if his plan doesn’t work, Nick will become a huge target, and so far, he’s been flying under the radar.

At Tribal Council, there’s the usual chatter about loyalty and tribal lines. Christian admits he mistakenly made himself a target but hopes the bonds he’s made with some of the Goliaths will work in his favor. Angelina points out those relationships just make Christian a bigger threat.

Davie decides to play his Immunity Idol to save Christian on Survivor. Angelina looks to Dan for the help, and he comes through.

As the votes are read, one name unexpectedly comes up, John. Christian, Davie and Nick are responsible for John’s torch being snuffed out.

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