Ralph Breaks the Internet packs big fun for kids, bigger laughs for parents

Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File
Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File /

Ralph Breaks the Internet exceeds its original, replacing heartfelt emotions for twice as many laughs.

Movie sequels are almost guaranteed not to extend to the quality of the original. Even in the odd chance the sequel is a worthy follow-up, it’s not nearly as memorable as the first. Just think Cars 2, The Lion King II, and even Stitch! The Movie. We would all likely not care to watch those movies again, but fondly remember the originals. This isn’t the case for Ralph Breaks the Internet. 

Wreck-It Ralph didn’t really need a sequel, which makes the fact that Ralph Breaks the Internet is so good, even more surprising. The movie isn’t only memorable, much like the internet, it’s also addicting. It’s a film you want to watch more than once.

Ralph Breaks the Internet packs on the comedy, pushing emotions to the side for this ride. This isn’t to say there isn’t a heartfelt note at the center of it all like the original, or that children won’t walk away without a lesson on toxic friendships and selflessness, but they may or not forget about all that due to so many laughs.

Ralph Breaks The Internet
Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File /

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are best friends. They see each other every night, hang out at Tappers, and chat about their day. It’s a routine that, as repetitive as it may be, Ralph can’t get enough of. Vanellope, however, isn’t as enthusiastic about it.

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Vanellope is tired of the same daily agenda. She desires change, a different track, new challenges, surprises! Even though Ralph doesn’t understand why Vanellope wants anything to change, he wants her to be happy, so he creates a new track in her game.

The new track quickly causes problems, leading to Vanellope’s game “Sugar Rush,” to break. The tool needed to fix “Sugar Rush” is too expensive for the arcade owner, Mr. Litwak (Ed O’Neill), to afford, so he decides to pull the plug. Luckily, all the characters make it out of the game on time, but are now game-less.

All hope is not lost, though. Litwak installs a wi-fi router! Ralph decides to travel to the world of the internet to find eBay and buy the part “Sugar Rush” needs to be fixed.

What could go wrong? Everything! This movie is, after all, titled Ralph Breaks the Internet. 

Ralph Breaks The Internet
Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File /

Disney takes full advantage of all its characters in what some may call shameless promotion. But we love it! In fact, you may want to watch this movie twice. Not only because it’s so fun and entertaining, but for all the blink-and-miss-it cameos! There’s Eeyore, Iron Man, a very insightful Q&A with Groot, the Disney Princesses, Stormtroopers, and even Stan Lee! All to just to name a few.

There’s more to search for, though! Not only will you be busy trying to spot all the characters, but there are also many pop culture nods and internet references — BuzzTube, Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, you name it! Can you find them all?

The bit featuring the Disney Princesses is one of my favorites! It goes on for a lot longer than I expected, which is awesome. All princesses get their moment to talk and contribute to the scene.

Ralph Breaks The Internet
Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File /

Because all Disney Princesses need a song, they encourage Vanellope to make up and sing her own, one of the many highlights of the movie. The princesses will even save the day towards the end of the film, because they’re used to it! It’s what women do. “Look, a man needs rescuing!”

Ralph Breaks the Internet also greatly benefits from the additions of Gal Gadot, as Shank, and Taraji P. Henson as Yesss. Both are phenomenal! Their voices light up the screen.

Shank is a street-racing queen! Vanellope loves her almost instantly. Both have a lot in common, and Shank may have all the answers Vanellope has been searching for.

Henson’s Yesss also plays a key role. She knows what’s trending and how to create new trends people will love. When Ralph and Vanellope go to her for help, she’s quick to lend a hand. Well, only after she learns Ralph is already pretty popular online.

Ralph Breaks The Internet
Ralph Breaks The Internet movie, photo via WD Media File /

Does it feel like Ralph packs on a little too much in one movie? Well, it is two hours long. But don’t worry, it certainly won’t feel like it. Time flies when you’re having fun, after all. The fun continues even after the credits roll! Be sure to sit tight for not one, but two credit scenes!

Ralph Breaks the Internet doesn’t have many flaws, but the one it does may be considered rather significant by a few. If you’re a parent (or big kid) watching, the main plot is very predictable from the start. You’ll see where everything is heading a mile away. There’s so much fun along the way, though, you may not even care. I sure didn’t!

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Moviegoers have a lot of options this Thanksgiving break, but Ralph Breaks the Internet is not one you want to miss out on! Bring the whole family, there are laughs for the kiddos, but even more for the adults.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is in theaters Wednesday, November 21.