Supernatural mystery box 5 review: All about usable items

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

CultureFly has definitely picked things up with the recent boxes. Supernatural mystery box 5 is all about the usable items, making it a good, practical box.

After a strong quarter with CultureFly’s fourth Supernatural mystery box, the fifth box has picked things up again. This quarter was all about the usable items. While there are a couple of items I’m not interested in, there’s more great than okay.

This month, I can’t do a great, mediocre, bad. That’s because there isn’t anything mediocre. There are two items I dislike and all the rest I can’t find anything bad to say. So, I’m going to go through this in three sections based on the images that I took — and I purposely took them in this way because I knew this was the way I’d have to do this post.

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If you haven’t received Supernatural mystery box 5 yet, there are spoilers of what’s in it. I remember getting the spoilery emails and I skipped over them because I just didn’t want to know what I’d get. Previously I’ve been disappointed and plus, I love the surprise and mystery.

So, if you don’t want to know what’s in this box, I recommend reading about Supernatural mystery box 4. Otherwise, let’s delve into the box for the month.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The bad: Poster and vinyl

Yet again, there’s a vinyl that I just can’t stand. This is Sam Winchester this time and it completes the set. I may end up putting all four vinyls up for sale now that there’s a full set. I just don’t think they look anything like the characters but at least with getting Sam, there should be a different vinyl next month.

The poster is also a step back from the previous one. I don’t need the key art posters from the season. Last month, I thought CultureFly had been listening to feedback on the posters but clearly not.

But these two items I had a feeling I wouldn’t like. They’re minor compared to the rest of the box.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The kitchen items

This month is about usable items for the kitchen. There are two plates and a mug. I am a little worried about them when washing. The glass with the anti-possession tattoo didn’t last and it looks like the stickers are the same on the plates and mug. I won’t find that out until I use them a couple of times.

The mug is ceramic and will be useful for hot and cold drinks. The two plates are plastic, which is great in a house with children and a puppy.

They’re relatively small plates, which is actually a good thing. There’s less chance of overeating. Thanks for thinking of those of us on diets, CultureFly.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The items only fans will know

When it comes to some items, I like them not to be overly obvious. That’s what I get with the mold, Pig in a Poke, and pie charm. They’re all items that only fans of the series will know.

The mold is all about Castiel. I’ll admit I had to look carefully at the tie and thought it was an angel blade at first. A tie makes more sense. While I may never use the molds because I’m not a big mold user, I appreciate the useful item.

My favorites are the pie charm and the Pig in a Poke cheese board. The pie charm is now sitting on the bracelet from the last box and I hope there are more of these charms with the Supernatural mystery box. There’s some excellent detail with a fork next to the pie.

The Pig in a Poke board isn’t going to be used. It’s already on display in my home and a quirky item that I just simply adore.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

Perfect for winter

Finally, it’s two items that are just perfect for the winter months, especially here in Canada. The beanie hat is an excellent addition. I’ll admit that it is a little snug but it’s comfortable and warm. The downside is the huge “Supernatural Join the Hunt” logo on the front. That would be better on the back to keep the item more wearer-friendly.

Out of everything, it’s the blanket that is a firm favorite from the Supernatural mystery box 5. It’s also become my puppy’s favorite item and I apparently have to share!

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham /

There are lots of symbols that link to the show and I adore the blue color in the print. The material is soft and, importantly, warm. Even if I was disappointed with everything else, this blanket would make me love the box. But overall, it’s been a strong box from CultureFly.

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Have you got the Supernatural mystery box 5 from CultureFly? What did you think of it? Does it make you want to get the next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural mystery boxes are available from the official CultureFly website.