Supernatural Season 5, Episode 10 recap: The ultimate sacrifice made

Supernatural -- "Abandon All Hope" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Abandon All Hope" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 10 is one of the most emotional and heartbreaking episodes of the series. It also introduces Crowley for the very first time. Here’s what happened in the episode.

In the previous episode of Supernatural, the Winchesters learned that Crowley had the Colt. Never mentioned before, Supernatural Season 5, Episode 10 introduced the demon onscreen for the very first time.

However, “Abandon All Hope” wasn’t a happy episode. Despite the King of the Crossroads being on the Winchesters’ side (for now), there were others working against them. They and the Harvelles would head out on their most dangerous mission yet but would they all come back alive?

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Getting the Colt

The episode starts with Jo Harvelle and the Winchesters getting into Crowley’s house, which was completely warded from angels. Of course, Crowley knows that they’re all coming and he’s set up a meeting to make sure the Winchesters actually get what they came for.

Yes, he wants the Winchesters to kill Lucifer. He knows that Lucifer will end up killing demons as well as humans, and he wants to survive.

So, with the Colt, the Winchesters and Jo head back to Bobby’s, which is where Ellen is waiting for them. They’re ready to face the devil, taking one last photo (with Cass too), knowing that it could be their last night on Earth.

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Finding Lucifer

It doesn’t take long to figure out where Lucifer is going to be. They head to Missouri, which is where Castiel starts seeing reapers everywhere and heads off to find out why. Unfortuantely, Lucifer captures him in a ring of holy oil and wants Cass to join him.

Meanwhile, Meg (yes, the Meg) shows up with hellhounds by her side. She wants to protect Lucifer, believing him to be the one sent up to save them. That’s not all that surprising considering Meg was working with Azazel in the very first season.

Supernatural — “Abandon All Hope” — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — “Abandon All Hope” — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

So, she sends the hellhounds after the Winchesters and Harvelles to stop them. Of course, one of them gets to Jo, gravely wounding her. As the heroes get to a hardware store, it’s clear they’re trapped and surrounded.

Oh, and the reapers? They’re around because their boss, Death, is about to show up.

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Jo and Ellen make the ultimate sacrifice

Jo, realizing that she’s not going to survive the hellhound attack, suggests that they create a bomb to kill all the hellhounds. That will give the others time to get to Lucifer. Jo offers to sacrifice herself to blow the hellhounds to smithereens.

Nobody wants to do this, but it’s clear that Jo is going to die anyway. She might as well go out while trying to help the Winchesters. Ellen decides to stay, too. This is her daughter, the only person she has left in the world. There’s no way Ellen would live without Jo by her side.

And so, the two make the ultimate sacrifice, with some heartbreaking moments as Dean says goodbye to Jo and Jo dies in Ellen’s arms, to get the Winchesters to Lucifer. And it looks like it all works. Dean gets to Lucifer with the Colt to Lucifer’s head.

Supernatural — “Abandon All Hope” — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — “Abandon All Hope” — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

It all fails

Just as it looks like they’ve done it, Dean shoots Lucifer in the head and…nothing. There are five beings that can’t be killed by the Colt and Lucifer is one of them.

While the Winchesters are shocked, Lucifer sacrifices some demons to summon deaths. After all, “they’re just demons” and Crowley’s thoughts about demons being killed off comes to light.

It looks like the Winchesters are going to die but Castiel manages to pull Meg into the holy oil and create a bridge with her body to walk across. He gets to the Winchesters and gets them to Bobby’s house, where Bobby can throw the photo he took of the group in a fire as if it’s a hunter’s funeral to say goodbye to their two fallen ones.

And with that, we go into the Supernatural Season 5 Hellatus (although it’s not going to be long for us as I’ll bring the next recap in a couple of days). What a way to leave us from November to January!

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